7 Types of liquids for Dengue Fever

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7 Types of liquids for Dengue FeverThe content is usually 100 percent fruit juice obtained from fruit. In addition to citronella oil to ward off the danger of dengue fever, people often use kasiat guava. Understandably many people who claim successfully saved from dengue fever thanks guava juice.

DHF patients help guava, may be not as guava, but because the liquid juice into the patient's body in large quantities. Liquid, especially if taken up to 5 or 6 cups a day, needed patients who have lost a lot of blood plasma due to decreased platelets.

Liquid of any kind, either plain water or sugar water and salt water or other fruit juices can help the healing process of patients with dengue fever if consumed in large quantities. Drinks in cans that contain electrolytes is also recommended given to patients.

Here are 7 types of liquids for Dengue Fever

1. Young Coconut Water

The UN World Food Agency (FAO - Food and Agriculture Organization) recognizes that the benefits of coconut water as relieving thirst substances rich in natural electrolytes. Electrolyte and nutritional substances more than a beverage relieving thirst factory production. Mentioned in the official website of the FAO that coconut water is natural, delicious, rich in salt, sugar, and vitamins needed Olympic-class athletes and amateurs. In fact, the UN agency has patented a nutritious coconut water it.

In the coconut water contains minerals potassium, sodium, chloride, and magnesium. These substances are electrolytes the body needs to help address the threat of shock in dehydrated condition. In addition to potassium, also contains sugar, vitamins B and C and protein. The composition of sugars and minerals contained in the water is so perfect, that mentioned a similar balance with human body fluids.

2. Hexagonal Water

Traditional Chinese Medicine has always advocated the consumption of water "live". Never mentioned mean "life" is. In Korea, people who diligently take waterfalls in the mountains maintained their health, according to Yunjo Chung, MD, of the University of Korea. Water "live" probably is water rich with oxygen as the water falls.

Korea has recently successfully patented technology called Actimo to make water "life" that contain oxygen and are sold worldwide. According to them, the human body, there are two forms of water compounds, pentagonal (pentagons) and hexagonal (hexagonal).

Hexagonal and pentagonal distinction is based only on the structure. Air pentagonal form a series of water molecules by bonding a large group and unstable. As plain water, hexagonal water is tasteless and odorless.

3. Fruit juice

Dehydrated because of dengue fever could also be overcome by water juice. Not always have guava juice. Can papaya juice, orange, or mango juice. The water content in the fruit high count, which varies between 65 to 92 percent, so that it can cover the lack of fluid from blood plasma out of the vessel.

Michael T. Murray, ND, in his book The Complete Book of Juicing, writing juices easily absorbed by the body because of its smooth and liquid. Nutrients absorbed by the intestines as it is known in the form of juice. Means juice helps the body's digestive process by accelerating the uptake of high quality nutrients in the juice.

4. Guava

Although efficacy has not been medically proven, it would not hurt to give the guava juice for dengue fever patients. Therefore, this exotic fruit contains vitamin C which is very high.

Vitamin C is found in the flesh. The seeds are often consumed also contains vitaimin C. Mentioned in the book Foods that Heal, Foods that Harm, 90 grams of guava fruit is more than sufficient to meet the daily requirement of vitamin C in adults. The book also mentions, though it lost nearly 25 percent of the vitamin for processing, packaging guava juice box is still a good source of vitamin C.

Thanks to high-dose vitamin C is, immunity against bacteria in the body will increase. The process of wound healing was so much faster. In addition, blood pressure was also to be better because the fruit is a good source of potassium.

To get the maximum benefit, choose fruit just ripe and still green and yellow. When fully ripe, store in the refrigerator. Do not forget to wash before I made juice.

5. Reed

Wild plants named Latin Imperata cylindrica (L) Beauv has been widely studied. According to Dr. Setiawan Dalimartha in the book Traditional Remedy for the Treatment of Hepatitis, overseas reeds are made of patented drugs.

Research on this plant mention, reed containing mannitol, glucose, sakharosa, malic acid, citric acid, coixol, arundoin, cylindrin, fernenol, simiarenol, anemonin, grit acid, resin, and alkali metals. Judging from the contents, the reeds are antipyretic (reduces temperature), diuretics (urine shed), hemostatic (stop bleeding), and thirst-quenching.

Traditional Chinese Medicine says, weeds have a sweet and cool. The effect treatment plant enters the lung meridian, stomach, and small intestine. With diuretic properties that launched urine, reed beneficial to cure acute kidney inflammation.

Diuretic properties of a discharge this useless body to control blood pressure tends to be high. Hemostatic properties that can stop the bleeding can also be used to address the nosebleeds and bleeding.

Herbs in the body will infiltrate into the lungs, stomach, and small intestine. Therefore, weed herb should not be given to those who are weak stomach functions and frequent urination.

Reed plant parts that can be used as traditional medicine is a rhizome, either fresh or dried. Reed materials can be obtained in Chinese drug stores. Now available even drink instant reeds are efficacious in eliminating heat. This instant beverages are available in herbal shops or Chinese medicine shop.

How to use, take one bunch or roll roots of the weeds. Wash and boil in three cups of water until the remaining one cup. Mix the juice of one lime fruit with three tablespoons of water weeds such. Use as needed. Add sweetener if the herb is intended for children.

6. Angkung

Angkung believed to help cure meningitis disease, stroke, brain inflammation, liver disease, seizures, and lack of body fluids such as in cases of dengue fever. However, it is unfortunate angkung very expensive price. The price of a pill angkung Rp 250 thousand. Angkung usually sold in packs of pills in Chinese drug stores.

To buy must be careful because the market identified many false angkung. The characteristics of the original angkung include pills wrapped in golden paper after the opening of the box. Being angkung pills like porridge or lunkhead, supple but easily broken. Other characteristics, quickly dissolves when brewed with hot water, even in less than 1 minute. Characteristics of authenticity that is easily recognizable from the outside packaging is a label and sign hologram manufacturer.

In addition to its price, benefit indirectly ngkung feel after drinking one or two items. New Angkung feels savor to overcome serious illnesses after iminum regular 6 to 8 pills every day, "said sinse John, who practiced in East Kalibesar area, West Jakarta.

7. Leaves DewaTumbuhan

god leaves may also be used as a substitute angkung. This plant erbentuk bush. Leaf is part of the plant used as a bat. This herb is known to be rich with a variety of chemical constituents such as saponins, essential oils, flavonoids, and tannins. With the chemical constituents of this plant is useful as an anticoagulant (blood coagulant), stop bleeding, remove heat, cleanse toxins. Plant gods are also available in Chinese drug stores in capsules. The price is relatively cheaper than angkun

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