7 Ways In Warms Body

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7 Ways In Warms BodyThe rainy season causes cold weather will affect the body. Consumption of foods that contain lots of calcium and iron-rich and very helpful exercise adjustments in body temperature with cold weather. Here are 7 Ways In Warms Body

1. Put aroma therapy to a small bottle of orange and peppermint oil near your bed Oranges warm character, a strong odor helps get rid of the virus. Eating grapefruit before bed can relieve cough and reduce phlegm. The smell of peppermint oil has a healing effect headache and nasal congestion.

2. Eat more foods rich in iron and calcium

Sufficient supply of iron and calcium can increase the body's ability to withstand the cold. Foods rich in calcium include dairy products beans, seaweed, clams, oysters, sardines, and shrimp. Iron-rich foods include animal blood, egg yolks, animal liver, soybeans, sesame seeds and black fungus

3. A hot bath

Most hot springs contain sulfur. Sulfur is one of the best mineral nourishing Yang Qi in the human body.

4. Do not forget to exercise half an hour every day

In the winter, people can choose outdoor exercise such as jogging, riding bikes, and playing Taichiquan, or workout in the exercise room like table tennis and bowling.

5. Drinking more water is boiled

Dry air in the winter. Drink more boiled water to ensure adequate water supply for the human body, and removes waste from the body.

6. Regulate the function of the spleen and stomach

In winter, you can choose the foods that will strengthen the spleen and stomach by eating pumpkin, sweet potatoes, Chinese wolfberry fruit, and glossy ganoderma.

7. Soaking the feet in warm water

Soaking the feet in warm water is a very relaxing soothing water therapy. Soak feet in warm water can help the body's meridians and blood circulation, thus increasing the warmth of the hands and feet as a whole

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