7 Ways to Eliminate Eye Bags

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7 Ways to Eliminate Eye Bags
Eye bags (also called eye bags) is the appearance of dark circles or any swelling around the eyes.

Eye bags can be very distracting when apparent very dark and striking, making the sufferer look like pocong. If you happen to a woman, eye bags will obviously reduce facial beauty.

The cause of eye bags from a medical standpoint because of several factors such as genetics, age and fatigue which causes the orbital fat retention around the eyes weaken. In addition, lack of sleep, stress and an unhealthy lifestyle can also stimulate the formation of eye bags.

Eye bags can also occur as a series of a person's illness, such as hypothyroidism and liver disorders. In hypothyroidism (thyroid levels devisiensi), the weight will decrease, dry skin and thinning hair, when menstrual pain, pulse slows down and the swelling of the tissues, including the tissues around the eyes. Hormonal changes during menstruation can also cause eye bags.

1. Eliminate Eye Bags Compress Way

Compress eye bags with cold water using a damp cloth. Attach to both eyes for about 15 minutes. Another way is to use the former tea bag that has been cooled in the fridge and then compressed at your eye area.

2. Eliminate Eye Bags Using the Mask

Eye bags can also be removed using tea waste is used as an eye mask. In addition, using a mask before going to bed at derah potato with deep eyes can also help you.

3. Eliminate Eye Bags Massaging Way

Eye bags can also be treated by massage using almond oil contains vitamin E. Massage the area around the eyes with almond oil but do not hit the eye. Massage is intended to facilitate the circulation of blood to the area with deep eyes.

4. Eliminate Eye Bags with Method Soak with Warm Water

5. Eliminate Eye Bags Sleeping Right Way

6. How to Eliminate bag with wet eyes when the eyes Feels Tired of Water

7. Eliminate Eye Bags Checking a doctor's Way

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