7 Ways to Eliminate Scar

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7 Ways to Eliminate Scar
1. Cucumber

To reduce scars with cucumber, crushed cucumber to form a paste. After that, put on the scars and leave on all night. Do this for a few nights, and you'll see the scars gradually disappear.

2. Green tea

All you need to do here is to dip cotton in green tea, and then massage your scars with it.

3. Olive oil

Massage your scar with olive oil several times a day. It is certain that the scar will disappear in a few days. You also need to know that there are some ways that may not work properly. There are some states that mederma (which is a type of onion extract) works like a miracle to get rid of scars.

4. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice acts as a natural bleach, so it is quite effective in treating wounds. However, do not overdo it, because the citric acid contained in lemon juice can actually cause damage to your skin if used long term.

5. Vitamin C

This vitamin helps in the process of blood clotting is necessary for wound healing. Try to find a natural scar treatment is in the form of cream because cream containing vitamin C is the most effective way. In addition, eating foods rich in vitamin C are also helpful.

6. Honey

Honey is one of the effective material to remove the scar. You can use honey by applying honey to the scar and let stand overnight. For maximum results, do it this way over and over and over.

7. Garlic

This material is very easy to find at home and is a very effective material used for the prevention of scar appearance. You just need to cut in half the garlic clove, then rub it on the wound / acne to prevent the appearance of scars in the future.

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