7 Ways to Improve Endurance Body

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7 Ways to Improve Endurance Body1. Do not share food utensils

Do not share food utensils, for example, spoons, forks and gelas.Baik it with family or friends. Avoid close family members and friends who are sick.

2. Hand Washing

wash your hands with soap and warm water for 15 to 20 seconds. More or less synonymous with when you sing Happy Birthday twice.

3. Avoid using paper that has been used

but because the tissue suda dirty, can also cause infection. The virus can stay in the paper for a few hours.

4. Walk around the bedroom

Meditation mind will help lessen your worries to 44% and reduce the signs of depression by 34%, while still improving data stamina.

5. Adequate sleep or rest

Sleep for 8jam permalam can make you avoid the flu by up to 30%. A researcher reported cases difficult to fall asleep or not well rested the next day, it will also reduce the quality of the body

6. Back in training

Exercise your body is not enough just to increase your metabolism, but also can increase endurance by up to 33%

7. Menggonsumsi fruits and vegetables, orange

Orange-colored foods contain vitamin A, which can strengthen the health of the eyes, keeping the gums, skin, teeth and enhance the immune system dalamtubuh to help you fight germs or viruses that cause disease.

There are many ways to improve your endurance, way above are 7 of the many other ways, so many of my articles may be useful and thank you.

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