7 Ways to Manage Time

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7 Ways to Manage Time
Time is so valuable to a young Muslim. Can be seen, most of us are less able to Managing time well. Finally, all the tasks to be delayed and delayed. Happens to accumulate and the more urgent matters so neglected. Here are great tips that are beneficial to us for managing time.

1. Use a To Do List

Make a list of activities you have to do. Not just as a reminder, but also as a tool so that we can set the time when to finish and how long the activity was done

2. Get Set In Your Ways

Make your daily routine in detail. Good time management it shows good organization as well.

3. Break It Up!

Break large tasks into tasks you are small you make it easier to complete because you have completed each step one by one.

4. Be Realistic

Do not set the target time is not unreasonable, given the extra time of the estimate of the expected time.

5. Pick Up a Good Habit

Create new habits that can make your time more valuable.

6. Big messes Start With Little Piles

Complete your work. Remove everything that is not needed anymore once you've used it before it fills the room.

7. Start Tomorrow Tonight!

Get used to prepare the things that will be done tomorrow on the night before, such as preparing clothes to wear tomorrow or put all the things that will be needed in place, as this will make our time more efficiently.

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