7 Ways to Reduce Sugar Addiction

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7 Ways to Reduce Sugar Addiction
1. Reduce added sugar

If you have to add 2 to 3 teaspoons of sugar into your tea or coffee, begin to reduce until only 1 teaspoon.

2. Expand eat fruits

Why should eat a piece of chocolate cake or a pie when the fruit has been able to eliminate your sweet cravings? So make it a habit to eat fruit for your snack daily. Save the chocolate cake or brownies for a special event.

3. Check the hidden sugar

You could reduce added sugar, but you also have to memperhatian food products that turned out to be a potential source of your sugar because it contains a lot of sugar. Products such as jam, bread, soy sauce and tomato sauce may have been if you had not guessed it contains a lot of added sugar. Therefore, you should always check the nutritional information of each product and choose a little sugar.

4. Drinking water

You might like sweet drinks after lunch, but this will actually add your sugar intake. Then choose the water after lunch. In addition to reducing sugar, drinking water can also improve the body's metabolism.

5. Expand the

When the desire to eat sweet you back up, try to walk or exercise. One study showed that athletes lose their sweet flavor to meals after exercise.

6. Use sugar is not high grade

7. Do Until Sugar Addiction

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