8 Bad habits brush your teeth

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8 Bad habits brush your teeth
Brush your teeth is one way to take care of our teeth to keep them clean and healthy. However, did you know that there are habits and a bad one when we are brushing your teeth. Hmm, what kind of bad habits? Yuk, rather than curiosity, let us consider the following info from SituSaja

Be careful, some of the brushing habits can only damage your teeth instead of cleaning it. Like anything in the habit of brushing teeth can be bad for your oral health? You refer the details given below Beauty.

1. Not long enough brushing

Most people only spend no more than a minute to brush their teeth. In fact, most dentists recommend brushing your teeth in two to three minutes. Next time, brush your teeth at least three minutes to completely eliminate the bacteria in the mouth.

2. You do not see what you are doing

You should look at the glass, where the tooth brush that you are, and what the way you rub. If you're just rubbing it without seeing it, sometimes you'll miss some of the teeth or gums are still dirty. This can cause the plaque and bacteria that can harm oral health.

3. Brushing the wrong way

You often brush my teeth with scrubbing brush by moving sideways. It was very wrong. Remember, your teeth are not trees, so do not use the technique of 'sawing' to clean. This technique can also damage tooth enamel. The correct way is from top to bottom, with a slight twist. Note any gear that you are clean.

4. Scrubbing too hard

You can damage the enamel of your teeth by brushing too hard. If you have a habit of whittling teeth, enamel likely to damage will be even greater.

5. Toothbrush wrong

Make sure you brush your teeth with a soft brush. You may use an electric toothbrush that will help you brush your teeth longer if you can use it properly. If your toothbrush is starting to look dirty, torn, or hair brush to change direction, then you better replace it.

6. Toothpaste is wrong

Toothpaste containing baking soda good for stain removal, because they are abrasive. However, baking soda can damage enamel. Better to use pasa teeth whitening does not damage your teeth.

7. Failure to use dental floss

Dental floss is used in between your teeth, a place that can not be reached by a toothbrush. Narrow place between two teeth is usually a hive of bacteria that can damage the enamel. But do not use dental floss in the wrong way. Be careful to not move like sawing. Be careful when pulling it down, so as not to injure the teeth and gums.

8. Do not rinse after brushing

After brushing your teeth, of course, there are bacteria in your mouth. By gargling you ensure that all the bacteria are out of your mouth. You can also use a liquid cleaner mouth (mouthwash) that does not contain alcohol. If not, then the water is enough to clean your mouth.

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