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As Ambassador of the United States was deeply concerned about the catastrophic floods that hit Indonesia's capital, Jakarta. He said it would help the government to cope with this flood disaster.

"I want to give my sympathy to the people suffering from the floods. Citizens who lost their possessions and their lives, hopefully Jakarta residents can quickly recover from a disaster," said Marciel, the anniversary commemorations American cultural center in Pacific Place, Jakarta, Friday (01/18/2013) yesterday.

Marciel asked that people in Jakarta is not broke due to flooding in the city. He also hopes to return to normal activity Jakarta next week.

In the anniversary of the Americans themselves, the U.S. Embassy made ​​a comic conference that gathers all the fans of comics and science fiction films made ​​in the U.S..

"We made this event so that people can have fun Jakarta, probably among visitors was the flooded and this event will make them happy," said the Ambassador As.

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