Advantages and Disadvantages of Each Internet Browser

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You are familiar with names such as Firefox, Opera, or Google Chrome. Well, they are just one example of the popular web browser used by many people today. But do you know what the hell the advantages and disadvantages of the browser variants? It may be that you have had a long loading when opening a website / web page specific.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of each internet browser:

1. Mozilla Firefox

Pros: has many additional features / add ons ( which can be tailored to user needs. Add ons that can be derived from Mozilla itself or from its developer community worldwide. Mozilla Firefox also easily updated and has a security system / security is excellent. The browser also has very many possible configurations (when compared to Internet Explorer).

Disadvantages: sometimes loading Mozilla Firefox is quite time consuming when starting from the initial start. Especially if a lot of adds on is installed. Update on Firefox also means that we downloaded the new version of Firefox itself, unlike Internet Explorer only upgrade module only. In addition, the updated Firefox also usually causes some adds on the installed does not work.

2. Opera

Pros: Opera Browser is a browser application that is quite light, so it does not take a large enough hard drive memory on a notebook or PC. Have an email client and rss alone so no need to use an email client such as Outlook, and so on. Having Opera Turbo can be activated when the connection is slow so that the process can be faster loading page. Cache callback faster.

Disadvantages: Opera Browser is usually a little slow in reading scriptpada few pages. Just like Firefox, update your browser Operat means having to download again master.

3. Google Chrome

Pros: Chrome currently has a reputation strong enough to compete in the world's Firefox web browser. Browser Chrome browser can be regarded as a lightweight, nimble, including at start early and make the shift tab. Chrome will automatically bookmark all the sites that have opened or visited. Adrress of the Chrome browser also acts as a search engine so it is more practical. The design is fairly simple with a very strong security system (the most resistant to hacker attacks). Updates Chrome is also easy.

Disadvantages: But unfortunately Google Chrome is available currently in Beta version. Chrome also seem less dynamic because its not much. Some experts also say that Chrome is still a lot of security holes so it is not recommended for financial transactions. The more tabs opened so the more memory is required when browsing.

4. Internet Explorer

Pros: It provides add ons but not as much as Firefox, to look more simple, elegant and attractive, integrated with the Windows operating system, easy and not complicated in its operation, the display site and loading images more quickly and clearly, some sites can only be opened specifically for IE and now Internet Explorer is still the most widely used browser worldwide.

Disadvantages: Often fails to read the script in some particular CSS websites, the security system is not optimal, there is no tab feature, and speed in the open web quickly defeated by the other especially in a small bandwidth conditions, heavy when opening a new tab and start first.

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