Aligarh Movement

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Aligarh Movement emerged after the death of Ahmad Khan. The existence of Aligarh Movement can not be separated from the figure of Sayyid Ahmad Khan and universities are founded, namely MAOC Through (MAOC), the reform ideas were hatched Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan embraced and propagated further by students and followers who then came what is known as the Aligarh Movement. M.A.O.C. the headquarters of Aligarh Movement with a potential that has evolved into an institution that plays a role in finding the way out of problems in the fields of education, social and political Muslims in India.

Aligarh Movement which is the prime mover for the establishment of reform among the Islamic Ummah India. Given this movement, ideas emerge as the next renewal of the type proposed by Amir Ali, Muhammad Iqbal, Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad, and so on. This movement also that the increasing Indian Muslims to rise up towards progress. His influence has been felt in the Islamic intellectual class of India.

Principal characteristics of Aligarh movement

The principal characteristic Aligarh movement as disempaikan by Mustafa Khan in An Apology for the New Light 1891 are:

1. This movement wants to adopt a wide range of European civilization.
2. This movement wants to improvement of social conditions, especially social Muslim minority of India.
3. This movement is intended to change the character of religious understanding of traditional to modern style.

Akbar S. Ahmad said that the Aligarh Muslim India a response to modernity. Furthermore, the university is giving a new awareness and confidence for Muslims in the Indian subcontinent, in turn, led to the birth of the Islamic State of Pakistan. While the success of the Aligarh Movement through MAOC in forging India Muslim thinkers supported by several factors, including the following ::

1. Curriculum Field

Progress Aligarh Movement due to general subjects, such as science, philosophy, humanities, and so on.

2. Language

Language is used as the language of instruction is English. This is based on that science in the West mostly written in English.

Educational goals and curriculum

The establishment of educational institutions as the Aligarh MAOC or Ahmad Khan has initiated an important goal in education with the goal to give birth to a generation of Muslims who dominate modern Western science but still maintain a high commitment to Islam. While the curriculum is taught in the religious sciences of Islam and modern sciences.

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