AVG Security Toolbar

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For my friend lovers AVG Anti-Virus would have known reliability and advantages of this anti virus when compared with other products. Now, the latest version of AVG, AVG Anti-Virus 2011 offers better security protection including protection when downloading files, while chatting, even when we are out shopping or doing banking transactions online. 

AVG Security Toolbar

Free Edition version of his course already has features like a pretty good protection Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Link Scanner, Anti Rootkit, Email-Scanner, PC Analizer, Ressident Shield, Update Manager, and Identity Protection, especially if we using AVG 2011 full version with more complete feature. AVG Price as of this writing published is Rp434.000, -

The two options that we can choose when the installation process is the installation of AVG 2011 AVG Security Toolbar and Yahoo as the default searh Box. If we approve it by checking the option, then after the installation is complete, the particular browser Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer will display the AVG Security Toolbar can be utilized according to its function.

Features AVG Security Toolbar:

1. Can find out how safe and how bahayakah sites we visit through the "Page Status".

2. Get real-time information about the business world in the form of news, sports and others through the "News" or "AVG News".

3. Can find your incoming email without having to open your email account. For now only supports Gmail, ymail, and Hotmail. Through the "E-mail Notifier". Number next to the icon is the number of new emails that have not been opened. Notifications can also be seen in the lower right corner of the Taskbar. To be able to see the status of emails, it must first be done konfidgurasi email account.

4. Can know the weather and temperature of a place through the "Weather" by defining what we need to know the state of the city's weather is.

5. Can access the Facebook page and find out the status Facebook via the icon "Facebook" like Message, Friend Requests, Pokes, and others. Thus the Log In and Log out to do through this toolbar. Notifications can also be seen in the lower right corner of the Taskbar.

With the installation of AVG Security Toolbar least be easier for us to know the actual world news, weather, incoming email, Facebook page through a notification on the Toolbar or Popup window in the lower right corner, and without having to open the URL directly.

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