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Beauty synonymous with personal appearance and is a valuable asset for any woman. The concept of beauty evolving in line with lifestyle changes and developments in the field of cosmetology. The term has meanings pretty beautiful thing, which can be assessed and captured by the five senses as outer beauty. Ideal body shape, face shape oval, large round eyes, smooth skin and beautiful hair, white teeth and healthy, melodious voice that outward beauty is owned alamiah.Tidak many women who meet these criteria. All women are innately have advantages and disadvantages. That beautiful face would not be lasting over time, will decrease the signs: skin starts to wrinkle, the eyes will seem to decrease.

The phenomenon of beauty as part of a woman's lifestyle, their presence has been felt since centuries ago. Traditionally body treatment technique known as part of the cultural elements of society throughout human development. In ancient Egypt which was ruled by a dynasty Pharaoh, found historical writings related to beauty and ways of treatment following 'drugs' and bahanbahan cosmetics are already well known. Cleopatra was a queen of ancient Egypt whose name is legendary as the belle beauty and a symbol of the goddess of beauty at the time. These findings are proof that beauty has become part of the all-time women's needs.

Tata skin beauty is an art of beautifying and beautify facial appearance. Tata beauty serves to modify (make-over) the deficiencies that exist in the direction of a more beautiful and perfect. Various makeup tricks to do to turn the face to be special. The process for mastering make-over, requires knowledge, skill, thoroughness, creativity, and continues to experiment to get the optimal results.

Outer beauty is not perfect if not dilengkapidengan rokhaniah beauty (inner beauty). Beauty rokhaniah emitted or expressed from the look on his face beaming, face a bright aura, fun, and be sincere. Beautiful rokhaniah will make your skin look brighter and more energy expended to make the face more radiant.

Beauty from the inside, not visible from outward appearance, but rather on the ability to behave and communicate well. Not every woman, was able to get perfection in physical beauty and beauty rokhaniah. Perfection should be pursued through efforts simultaneously to obtain performance (appearance) of interest.

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