Being creative in modern times

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Being creative in modern times has become a liability. each country would have to face a lot of problems if the country is less empowering human resources to be able to be a creative.

Being creative is broad meaning. Creative work, creative thinking and even create on in solving the problem. In learning science, or science, teachers and students should have to know the background of the scientists and how they can create the concept of science / a formula.

In reality that in general teachers and students are familiar with the concepts and formulas and the learning process is often patterned formulas and discuss matters only.

Very precise feel if teachers and students are also familiar with the process of creative scientists (such as Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin and others) in discovering a phenomenon by reading their biographies.

From some exposure, it appears that the success of a world class scientist does not fall from the sky, or acquired at birth. Success as a scientist obtained through the creative process (creative learning) during his lifetime.

Not everyone has the capability of multiple severe, eg Einstein's childhood was not lucky with the language skills, but he developed other skills. Einstein could skyrocketed in math. For us, it may be rising in the field of sports, music, organization or in other fields.

The success of a child will also be formed with the support of parents like that of Einstein, or support another character like that of Darwin. No one can be successful on a national scale, let alone an international scale if they do not like to read.

Newton read the ideas of philosophers such as Descartes and astronomers such as Copernicus, Galileo, and Kepler. Darwin influenced by thought (the book) Thomas Malthus, well how about you?

People can be successful because it has a character not easily discouraged, Thomas Edison, for example, are very durable and do not like to complain. Before you meet with an incandescent lamp that can be lit, he must perform 5,000 times experiments in his father's workshop.

How creative learning process of international scientists? Pretty simple is have a talent or interest in science (eg in art, physics, chemistry, history, economics, geography, etc.), then develop these interests by studying hard and doing self-taught.

Ask for support from people nearby, including teachers. Have a resilient character (not like despair and complain), have an interest and a deep reading pleasure to add insight. To be successful it would require tens, hundreds or thousands of times the exercise.

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