Being No 1 on Google Search Engine

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Getting the best position and part in the search engines is the desire of every webmaster or those who have a website. To be able to occupy the number 1 position in the search engines like google is not as easy as we imagine. It takes hard work and creativity and have enough knowledge about search engine optimizer is the primary capital to be able to position the website to no 1 on google.

As a google search engine has its own method or algorithm to determine the ranking of a website or a desired position in accordance with the given keywords as well as other search engines like yahoo and bing.
Being No 1 on Google Search Engine

The most effective way to master all the google page and always be no 1 in google search engine optimization is to do a blog for SEO. Optimizing a blog or website can be done in two ways, namely optimizing on page and off Page SEO and optimization. SEO Optimization on page typically includes the contents of the article, the use of meta tags, site installation folder, etc.. While SEO off page optimization are the most numerous and often made by the webmasters is to build a link building technique (more details please you can read our article titled increase the popularity of your blog with a link building) is to increase the quality backlinks.

Gets and how quickly discover methods to get quality backlinks is certainly not as easy as what we imagine even this may be the most difficult thing to do. Backlinks can be defined as a form of text links that are on websites or blogs other people if we click it will go to a blog page or website.

Text of the link is usually in the form of anchor text or short text which usually is the keyword of the destination page (see post 3 easy steps to get 500 backlinks). Getting quality backlinks in trust to help make the blog a no 1 in google search engine. Because backlinks can increase the popularity of a blog in the form of pagerank or alexa rank so a measure of authority and importance of the site by search engines, especially Google.

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