Benefits of Facebook For Students

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Social networking applications such as Facebook offer an efficient platform for student activities by expanding networks and intimate relationships. Social networking sites like Facebook can help students in social and academic interaction that ultimately improve learning outcomes.

International Journal of Networking and Visual Organizations, revealed that online social networking directly and positively influence academic learning. In the survey, they provide a platform to interact and share knowledge and collaborate using educational applications to manage learning activities

Kindness and facebook user benefit is that we can know the most recent news from facebook, communicating with friends, make new friends and be up to date status of what is considered appropriate and coment status of others

Facebook is also useful for students who are efficient to socialize and expand their network of friends and maintain relationships akrab.Banyak people say facebook is not any good, but it ada.Facebook also provide facilities that are interesting and exciting games to play, so users facebook is not bored to play it.

Facebook also introduced us to other people and also communicate directly bias. Facebook also provides the facility to join the group and get together. Can also discuss the topic and use educational apps to uphold the learning activities.

Bad consequences of using facebook is forgotten time. Because being cool using facebook, many people forget the affairs of their respective masing.Sehingga forget to work and school or facebook lainnya.Memainkan also impacted negatively affects school children, as every school child is not fully thought about the lesson school, but the thought of facebook.

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