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I was already a few months I have written several posts with a diverse range of topics, and I also like the idea of ​​writing an impasse determine post on this blog and Are you experiencing the same thing?. Indeed, like it or not, every blogger definitely deadlock idea to write a post. Many bloggers who managed to get out of this problem, but many others are the opposite. As a result, the blog dormant because no new posts.
Defining Ideas Writing in Blog Posts

Talk to neighbors to determine the idea of ​​writing a blog post is indeed easy bother to look, especially for bloggers like me are sometimes confused looking for ideas and materials appropriate to post / update even to the point of the blog was never updated for days due out of ideas, let alone a blog that focuses solely on one theme, no doubt will certainly often kehabihasan this idea. Writing stuff indeed be regarded as a good way to hone creativity ourselves (read: Sharpen your creativity to the writing), but the phenomenon will run this idea will inevitably descend nearly some bloggers are trying to actively update the blogs they manage.

Well, for that following WiwidSEO.Com will serve Ways and Tips how you can re-locate and determine the idea of ​​writing a post on your blog. Way and hopefully these tips can give inspiration and input for you to continue working again write down ideas and pour your creativity in a post dib log.
Defining Ideas Writing Tips on Blog Postings

Go back to your old post

Try to look at some stuff about which way to go lift again By opening your postings least then you will find a topic that you can also develop a few ideas for you to post your blog. With the first of these tips can be an effective way of determining the idea of ​​writing a blog post

View and note any comments from visitors to your blog

This way I think it can create a brilliant idea. Usually there are questions asked by readers and visitors to your dib comments that poured in your log. Try to use it as a good idea to write a post dib your log.


Streets or dolan dolan to blog-friends can also inspire a good place to define the idea of ​​writing a blog post. As I do to make the idea of ​​this paper. Incidentally indeed I'm running out of ideas to write and I wrote fad keyword "Defining Ideas for writing in Blog Posts" and finally I think why did not I just pick up the idea of ​​my writing? and I am sure that many bloggers are out of ideas to write posts dib current log who knows this might help also yes, right?

Expand the References Through Print or Electronic Media

I think with more and more reading of course we will be more extensive insight and this is where the idea of ​​writing it would appear. For example today's increasingly rampant corruption issue or issues are closer elections will be held in Indonesia could also be a pretty good idea for the lift and written.

Using Google Keyword Tools

Google Adwords: Keyword Tool is a free tool from Google for keyword ideas that you can use to define the idea of ​​writing a post on the blog. Just type the keywords that your target approximately later there will appear some keywords along with the number of searches performed with the keywords you created it. Try to find keywords that have low competition course that number will likely post an opportunity you can be No. 1 in Google Search Engine greater

Maybe it's a little ways and tips for you to determine the idea of ​​writing a post on the blog. But you need to remember that it is not enough just to write the idea but more importantly it is also cultivated in order to post or article that you create and the more SEO friendly in google search engine (Read: Tips on creating an SEO article and frendly preferably google) to article that you post can be viewed and read by someone else.

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