Blogger Backup Solution (Posts, Comments, Template)

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What was feared the Blogger blog in addition to his service at the same banned Blogspot (Blogger), if only banned from adsense services may tidah problem but what happens if your blog is the subject tires from bloggers. We will never know when our blog will be banned by the blogger service, it could be tomorrow or the day after tomorrow., Which obviously do not let this happen. Instead of making you afraid but just to warn only if it can really happen to your blog. Ever hear khan blog blogger banned same service for no apparent reason. Imagine blog already has a high PageRank with the booming number of visitors coupled with the number of posts over 1000. What would happen if it happened to your blog? ......!

To avoid the above answer is best air prayer and effort, which clearly blogger who died could still be revived just so you know how. for there is no other way to restore your data has been lost in addition to backup all your blogger posts and comments. Read the tips below, direct practice and do not delay your blog while still alive.

How to Backup Blogger Post (Post)


Blogger provides automated services if we have posted then post the address will be sent directly email us. How to backup your blogger's post pretty easy you just activate your email address is entered Settings page - email, Enter your email address up to you, any email, Gmail or Yahoo can then save the mail address.

I have a good solution for you, if you keep up with your Gmail address should resend the email data to another, confused? when you receive a post on your gmail address resend the post to other email address eg yahoo. this is to avoid if your gmail address is also subject to the tires and you still have backed up .. The hell, rich waste of time? up to you, too paranoid indeed, but we're not going to know tomorrow khan. (This danger applies if you only possessed one email address) If the first way too complicated better create a new account on the new gmail address as best he could only dukhususkan to receive posts or comments.

How to Backup Blogger Template


How to backup blogger template easier than posting backup how to enter the page Template - Edit HTML. Make a copy and paste in text editor eg notepad or for more easily click "dowlnoad full template" and save it in a safe place.


1. Make a backup before you make changes, the point should not play with fire if you are afraid of fire.
2. What if you have not done a backup, but made a mistake in the code? blogger usually displays a confirmation page if there are multiple widgets that will be removed, no further storage, if already menyiman you can restore its original page by clicking the "Revert widget templates to default"

How to Backup Comments (comments)


To make a backup backups comments similar to the post, which is to enable the email address on the comment settings. how to access the settings - Comment and then go to the "Comment Notification Address" enter your email address up as gmail or yahoo. authors still recommend you create a new gmail account and use the email only to receive the posts and comments.

Lakukan Backup Blogger dengan tools WebCopier atau tools sejenis

Perform Backup Blogger WebCopier tools or similar tools

This method can also be used as an alternative backup your blogger but unfortunately you have to take your time for a very long process. you can download the tools here

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