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Blogger Backup and Restore with BlogBackupOnline.

The process of data backup blogger remains a concern. In the previous article we only backup services only blogger Blogger Backup Solution (Posts, Comments, Template), but here I will explain using the data backup service BlogBackupOnline blog. BBO is the best online backup process in my experience so far, this service gives us the space of 50 MB for free. Too small? sara do not think so, until the time of writing a blog I only use the space as much as 73.73 KB (75.500 bytes) less than 1 MB khan, I think it's pretty, free again!. service is also support on some blog services including Blogger, Wordpress, Life Journal, Windows Life Spaces

3 easy steps to backup the service BlogBackupOnline

1.Sign Up

Perform registration or registration by entering a user name, password and your email. If it is open your email address for the confirmation. Then do the usual login process.
Sign up now here

2. Register blog to be in backup

How do register simply click the "add new blog to backup" enter the URL address of your blog and then click "Register" blog.

3. Click on "Manage" to the backup settings

Tab Info: This is a status update of your blog tab, on this tab you can do the delete blog, set up the media files or you can enter Alamar blog rss feed url to be backed up

Content Tab: This is the information where you can view the data backed up posts and comments

Backup Tab: Here you can do the configuration, there are two options that can be used yatiu full backups and daily backups (Backup Daily)

Tab Restore: Restore merupakn restore the data. you just enter the address of your blog that you follow the instructions.

Tab blog: This is the information or records from the backup of your blog

Export Tab: In this tab you can menyiman data already backed up on your computer. do I just click "Download Export File" keep it in a safe.

Tab Dasboard: information from your blog address to be in the backup

Now you are ready backed blog in full or daily (daily) depending on the settings you use the service. Hopefully this article quite membantu.thanks

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