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That afternoon I had the opportunity to meet with the owner of a local hospital in Cikarang, Bekasi regency. Apparently the father of these entrepreneurs do not just have a hospital, but there were three of the Hospital (RS) and four clinics that he has. And apparently, so I can info from a friend who runs a canteen in office in Cikarang, that the father of the owner of the former Hospital he was a drug sales. Beginning with the introduction of a pharmacy owner who is now a wife, a husband and wife have built a network of Hospitals & Clinics is less than 20 years.

Still from my narrative was, it turns out the father's employer weve known since his youth tenacious and hardworking. Hence the start of a chemist, developed into a clinic and a hospital up to now has three hospitals and four clinics.

There is one thing I caught from casual conversation with him that afternoon. He really mememperhatikan tuk facility employees. Especially tuk team doctors who join the network Hospitals & Clinics hers. He said doctors are there to watch out for their welfare. Yes, so that doctors can work to serve and treat patients with a maximum.

The welfare of the resident is also a technique to build physician loyalty to his company. One of them, he told me that the new doctors joined the company given the down payment assistance to buy a (credit) car. For doctors who lived far from home job, he gives residential facilities (mess / house rent) close.

"It was especially tuk the new doctors, new doctors advised if the income (salary) is still small, so we have to suport ', said the father businessman. By doing so, he hoped the doctors were there to be loyal to the company.

Wowww, salute with the concept of the entrepreneur is to build employee loyalty. Give employees joined suport from the beginning. Instead of the new employees to join disuport. Not just a paycheck, supporting welfare facilities should be considered early.

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