Cataract Surgery and Healing

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As we get older, many of decline experienced by the body. One of the distractions that will come upon all people with age is reduced vision due to cataracts. As a solution, cataract surgery should be done, if not cataracts can lead to blindness. How traits if you have a cataract? How is cataract surgery performed?

Causes of Cataracts

Cataracts occur due to the aging process. Common in elderly people from the age of 60 years. However, cataracts can also impinge on the individual's age. In fact, in some cases it can overwrite the baby. Some of the factors that can accelerate the occurrence of cataracts in the eyes is because it is often exposed to ultraviolet light, the use of medicines containing steroids in the long term, diabetes, inflammation or trauma to the eye.

Symptoms of Cataracts

Some vision problems as symptoms of cataract are:
The view is blurred and glare. Impaired vision is especially true during the day.
At the center of the eye (pupil) appear gray or white.
These symptoms longer will increasingly disturbing.

Cataract Surgery

To overcome the problem of cataract, surgery should be performed. Especially if these symptoms are very disturbing. If not interfere, usually wait until the cataract becomes mature. In cataract surgery, the lens with the lens removed and implanted IOL (Intraocular lens) are included in the lens capsule.

Before doing operasai cataract, several steps are performed:
Patients will be checked first how the heart, lungs and conducted laboratory tests to determine the condition of the body.
If you regularly take medications, you should tell your doctor if medications are safe to take before surgery. Blood-thinning drugs should not be taken a week before surgery.
For people with high blood pressure or diabetes, should be kept in blood pressure and sugar in normal conditions.
Measuring lens IOL (Intra Ocular Lens), the lenses will be planted after the surgery.

There are several ways of cataract surgery techniques, namely:
Using a scalpel
This method is rarely used because the resulting wound is large enough.
Using laser
The lens is removed by using laser. Injuries tend to be less than if you use a knife.

Phaco Machine

With this technique, the lens is not removed intact, but destroyed first. Emulsification or destruction done using the phaco machine. This ultrasound energy machine will produce 40000 vibrations / second to destroy the lens. After the lens is destroyed, then the lens is removed and installed intra ocular lens. If using a foldable lens, injuries caused very small, about 3 mm because the lens can be folded so as to enter into the eye do not need a large incision.

The lens implant is made of PMA. The lenses are different from the original lens implanted. IOL lens can not adjust the sight distance is much closer, in contrast to the original lens that are elastic. So that after surgery, patients still have to use reading glasses for close to the lens implant is solely devoted fatherly see long distances.

Patients who undergo cataract surgery is generally not necessary to stay in the hospital. Vision is usually will be improved soon after surgery. However, the treatment of the eye after surgery needs to be done during the healing period. Also, the need to consult again to determine the outcome of cataract surgery.

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