Causes and How to Treat Thrush

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Ulcer disease is one of the most common diseases that often suffered by humans. Thrush is also known as thrush or scientific language aphthous stomatitis. Ulcer disease is a condition in which there is injury to the mucous membranes of the mouth of a yellowish-white color with a slightly concave shape. Thrush is usually accompanied by pain, especially when eating spicy foods right on the injured area. Nearly 10% of the human population is definitely suffering from thrush and the fact is that women are more prone to canker sores disease than men.
Causes of Thrush

Some of the factors that lead to diseases such as canker sores are bite wounds, the consumption of foods that are too hot or hot drinks, allergies, lack of vitamin C, do not maintain oral hygiene, iron deficiency, the condition of the body that does not fit, and so forth. Not only because of lack of vitamin C, but aphthous stomatitis may also be caused by an allergy to Citrus or acidic foods, certain medications and physical trauma such as the use of dentures.

However, you need to know also that thrush going on too long that's going to the moon turned out to be a sign of oral cancer. In addition, the vitamin C deficiency disease is also characterized by a very easy bleeding gums and bleeding skin.

You often have the disease thrush? Actually you can avoid this with some sprue disease and the following tips:
  • Maintaining oral hygiene for mouth sores caused by an unclean so the nest of germs and bacteria. Ulcer disease also is a systemic disease, therefore, is how to maintain oral hygiene to minimize the disease.
  • If you can suffer from canker sores because of an allergy to a particular food that you should avoid foods and beverages to consume these allergens.
  • Increase consumption of vegetables and other fruits and foods containing folic acid, iron and vitamin B12 to prevent sprue disease.
  • In fact stress can trigger canker sores, and therefore should avoid excessive stress.
  • Avoid trauma to the oral cavity by brushing the right way is not hard in order not to arise trauma. In addition, if you can avoid the mouth is not bitten.

How to Treat Thrush

If you are experiencing canker sores. Moreover, sprue disease is almost certainly never happened. To treat it, you can try a natural remedy. One natural remedy is betel leaf. It is caused by betel leaves which contain antioxidants that can kill germs. Well, the way is as follows:

Boil it first betel leaf with a little salt, then you can gargle with the cooking water.
You can chew the betel leaf directly.

Betel leaves but without tobacco can be useful to overcome not only the sprue but even bleeding gums and bad breath problem. Besides this way, you also put honey foam to loosen dry skin caused by canker sores in the mouth.

Yes, ulcer disease is one disease that often occurs. However, the origin treated with natural remedies alone, the disease can be cured. Furthermore, by preventing then at least you will not be too frequent canker sores. Precautions mentioned was actually not too difficult and is often the part that we do every day.

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