Change In, Change Foreign, Change In

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Okay, this is probably the most absurd title of the article you'll ever read. But after you read what I wrote in this article, I will guarantee the title of this article ... still absurd anyway ...

But at least, 'intent' of the title is going to be able to understand better.

One thing I realized, is that everything we experience, the emotions we feel, even to our development process, more influenced by the source that is NOT from the outside (people, events, or accident), but rather from the inside (the mind your perspectives).

There are long term I've ever heard, "It's not the fall that makes the pain of a child crying, but the shock, embarrassment, and emotional discomfort that made whining".

And often not an isolated event that created the crisis in our lives, but the emotions and thoughts that we are the ones who created the crisis.

Genesis from outside ourselves, such as disputes with others, an unexpected accident, a career that seemed stuck, and the like, is an event that may be difficult to fully in our control. But what comes from within, from ourselves, we can control completely. And we should be grateful for it, because actually the MOST important aspect HERE.

Reaction from within us is what makes an event feel more severe, or even lighter. The reaction in us determine VIEWS us on what is going to happen outside of us, and in the end, determine that RESULTING of outbreaks.

For example, although there are no events that are making you happy, you can still provoke a sense of excitement that occurs to you to force yourself to smile, and keep your smile for a few seconds. Do not believe? Try it now.

Or for example, if you want to be more focused in a seminar or class, try to sit in the front row, in the chair closest to the speaker. Feel the difference, you'll be much more focused and better able to absorb the material.

Or in a state of crisis for example, try to draw a few deep breaths, calming your heartbeat, and lowered his voice. You will be able to feel the state of 'crisis' became lighter, and so you can function better in handling it.

So, all the important things that originated from WITHIN you!

If you want to change the conditions or circumstances outside yourself, CHANGE THEREIN first. CHANGE your thoughts and your emotions, change your REACTION, Attitude change and the way you react to it, then the outside of your condition will also change.

And as the conditions outside yourself turn into a positive, the conditions in yourself, will also change again for the better. In the end, you will be creating a POSITIVE circle in your life.

Change the action from within yourself, to effect change from the outside, which then converts the reaction in yourself to be more positive!

Thank you for reading and sharing this article !

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