Classes of Islamic Education System

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System general classes on Islamic education based on PP No. 17 Year 2010 concerning the management and administration of education is:

1. Early Childhood Education (ECD) Atfhal Raudhatul shape, or form any other equivalent, aged 4 (four) years up to 6 (six) years.

2. Primary Education at the Islamic elementary schools or other forms

least equal age of 6 (six) years

3. Primary Education at the junior secondary school level or equivalent of other forms already completed his education at the elementary, MI, Package A, or any other form equal to the age of 13 (thirteen) years to 15 (fifteen) years as learners up to the limit of capacity.

4. Secondary education at Madrasah Aliyah is who has completed his education at the junior high, MTs, Package B, or any other form of equal and can show a diploma or other document proving that the person concerned has completed basic education equivalent MTs.

5. Higher Education with a diploma or certificate of graduation level 1 (one) level or below the level of education or equivalent recognized upon achievement of learning outcomes through experience, and meet the entry requirements set by the university concerned.

Quoting from, Jakarta - that the Ministry of Religious Affairs (MORA) will impose a tiered educational program to improve the quality of education in educational institutions under the ministry from 2011. Ministry of Religious Affairs programs aim to improve the quality of education stages, namely: every level of Islamic education from the start of primary education until Madrasah Aliyah madarasah Elementary School, will be the addition of classrooms, rehabilitation classes, support libraries, laboratories, and other things both the means and educational facilities, which aims to maximize the achievement of educational goals.

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