Classroom Management Principles

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Classroom management is an aspect of education that is often used as a major concern by the student teachers, new teachers, and even the teachers who have experienced / though. The reason is simple, because prospective teachers, new teachers, and teachers who are experienced desirous that the students can learn optimally. In a sense the teachers to deliver learning materials / lectures absorbed by the students well.

The creation of such expectations is a study of classroom management. For classroom management is a series of teacher behavior in uapayanya creating and maintaining classroom conditions that allow learners achieve their learning goals efficiently, or enable learners to learn well.

In kelaslah all aspects of meeting and learning process. Teachers with all his ability, students of any background and potential, with all curriculum composition ~ ennya, with all methods approach, with all its media device, with all sources of learning materials to meet and interact in the classroom. Further learning outcomes is also determined by what happens in the classroom. Because itll, fitting the class to Be a good, professional, continuous and sustainable. To arrive at its intended destination required an understanding of it ¬ common / classroom management principles prior to the understanding of the more special. This chapter is the chapter to review the principles of classroom management bahasannya include: teaching and classroom management; understanding of classroom management; aspects, functions, and problems manajemn class, as well as a comfortable classroom setting and fun. Understanding the principles of management of this important class mastered before special things known.

By mastering the principles of classroom management, it will be a filter-filter filter eliminates common errors of management classes. For example, there are two activities that teachers dila.kukan namely: activity examines the needs of learners (teaching) and reward (classroom management activities), as well as two student behavior problems, namely: learners who have always argued (individual issues) and behavioral groups reacted negatively (the problem). Against two teachers and two behavioral activities students are sometimes not distinguished, but both clearly different. Ignorance of the principles of management as it would be avoided if mastered its principles.

Therefore, the students are expected to listen to this chapter is well and truly, doing the questions are available, and carry out assigned tasks. All of it is meant to be able to master the principles of classroom management, so you can easily learn the following chapters and be able to apply the principles of classroom management in the field later.

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