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Creating an SEO article and friendly favored google, yahoo or other search engines is not that hard to do like the important word there is a will there is a way. Keep in mind, it is in writing and SEO friendly article on search engines like google, yahoo and bing do not like our other regular article writing. Optimizing the article in a blog or website is usually necessary for the promotion of business because only the articles that SEO and search engine friendly in the eyes of the one who will be more smooth business promotion for those who wrestle a lot of this online business.

To make the article for search engines like google, yahoo and other search engine optimization efforts that article requires that you create a place in the first page and even had the opportunity can be no 1 in google or other search engines. To perform optimization and SEO friendly article favored google then you need to consider a few key things in making this SEO article include:


This is the first step you must take. Make a good title and frendyi in google you should also put the keyword or keywords that you are targeting in the title of the article that you create. Usually the search engines like google will first check the titles that are relevant to the keywords entered by Internet users who are looking for information on the Internet. Internet users who are searching for information by typing keywords they usually will immediately visit the title of the article that contains the keywords they are looking for and this is an effective way to attract them to visit your site is.

The content or the content of the article

In addition to placing keywords in the title of the article you created, the content or the content also has an important role for the optimization and SEO friendly article on search engines. Make sure also that you make in this article should also contain the keywords that you are targeting. Strive keywords in your article content whenever possible note density. From my observations to some sites that ranks first with specific keywords usually they put targeted keywords in the first part of their article. Noteworthy also in making your article and google SEO is keyword placement to avoid excessive due to enter a keyword or keywords that excess will be treated as spamm by google and could be even article you will be knocked out of the search engines. Strive also in the conclusions you make are usually placed at the end of the article you have or contain targeted keywords.

These are some tips to make your article SEO and google as well in the search engines and hopefully with these tips may help you optimize your article in google search engine.

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