Definition and Purpose of Classroom Management

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Management of the word "management", also translated into management, the process of using resources effectively to achieve targets. While management is a process that provides, oversight on all matters involved in the implementation of the policy and the achievement of goals {Department of Education, 1989). Class (in the general sense) refers to the notion that there is a group of students at the same time receiving the same lesson the teacher of the same dad. Thus, the purpose of the class is manajamen refers to the creation of an atmosphere or condition of a class that allows students in the class can learn effectively. There are several definitions of management of the following classes:

a. Based on the old and the modern conception

According to the old conception, classroom management is defined as the effort to maintain classroom order. According to the modern conception of classroom management is the selection process using the right tools for classroom management problems and situations. According to the old conception of the teacher in charge of creating, repairing, and maintaining • system / class organization so that individuals can take advantage of his ability, talent, and energy on individual tasks (Lois V. Johnson and Mary Barry, 1970).

b. Based on the view of a specific operational approach (excerpted from Wilford A. Weber, 1986):

a. A set of activities teachers to create and maintain classroom discipline through the use disipltn (QJ approach: ori ter).

b. A set of activities teachers to create and maintain classroom order through intimidation (bullying approach).

c. A set of activities teachers to maximize freedom Slswa (permissive approach).

d. A set of activities teachers create classroom by following the instructions / recipes that have been presented (cookbook approach).

e. Un'tuk set of activities teachers create effective classroom through planning pembelaj aran qualified and well-executed (instructional approach).

f. A set of activities teachers to develop students' behavior desired by reducing unwanted behavior (behavioral changes approach).

g. A set of activities teachers to develop good interpersonal relationships and socio-emotional climate of positive class (socio-emotional approach to the creation).

h. A set of activities teachers to cultivate and maintain effective classroom organization (social systems approach).

Another sense of manajemenkelas are all efforts aimed to create an atmosphere of effective learning and teaching fun clan and to motivate students to learn well according to ability. Thus, classroom management is a conscious effort, to organize activities in a systematic learning process. Us.aha realize it leads to the preparation of learning materials, preparing equipment and props, setting up classrooms, realizing the situation / condition of the learning process so that learning time management clan goes well and curricular goals can be achieved (PUOD Director General and Director General of Basic Education, 1996) .

While the purpose of classroom management is

a. Realizing the situation and condition of the class, either as a learning environment and as a group learning allows learners to develop skills as much as possible.

b. Remove obstacles that may hinder the realization of the learning interaction.

c. Provide and arrange furniture setra learning facilities support and enable students to learn in accordance with the social, emotional and intellectual students in the class.

d. Fostering and guiding students in accordance with the social, economic, cultural and individual characteristics (PUOD Director General and Director General of Basic Education, 1996:2).

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