Definition of Value Investment Approach

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In pratikal level, the implementation of the educational value of various educational institutions clarified to the two forms of bias. First, the educational value implemented as a subject matter, and second, the value of education is integrated into the entire program and the learning process, both within and outside the schooling. The first form that generally emphasized efforts functionalization subjects educational value (eg Akhlag, civic education, character education, etc.) to be controlled, owned and become an integral part of the self and the personality of the students.

In general, there are a number of approaches to values ​​education. Among these are, the value of investment approach, socialization moral, rational utilitarianism, cognitive moral development, values ​​clarification and learning to do. However, in this paper only discusses the value of any investment approach.

Value investment approach (inculcation approach) is an approach that emphasizes the cultivation of social values ​​in students. This approach is actually a traditional approach. Many critics in western literature devoted to this approach. This approach is seen indoktrinatif, not in accordance with the development of democracy (Banks, 1985; Windmiller, 1976). This approach is assessed to ignore the rights of children to choose freely their own value. According to Raths et al. (1978) Human life is different because of differences in time and place. We can not predict the corresponding value for generations to come. According to him, every generation has the right to determine their own value. Therefore, the need to be taught to the younger generation rather than the value, but the process, so they can find their own values, according to the place and era. Value investment approach may not fit the nature of Western education that upholds the values ​​of individual freedom.

However, as described by Superka, et. al. (1976) realized or not realized this approach is widely used in many communities, especially in the cultivation of religious values ​​and cultural values. The religion has a strong tendency to use this approach in the implementation of programs of religious education. For its practitioners, religious teaching load is ideal values ​​that are global and absolute truth. These values ​​must be accepted and believed. Therefore, the education process must start with or the teachings of those values. As is understood that in many respects the limits of truth in religion is clear, definite, and must be believed. Religious teachings on various aspects of life should be taught, accepted, and it is believed by adherents truth. Faith is an important basis in religious education.

As the name implies, this approach is an approach to learning that emphasizes the cultivation of values ​​- values ​​(Values ​​Inculcation) into self-learners. In inplementasinya educators saw the value of education from the perspective of investment, which is based on the values ​​that are socially and culturally has been widely accepted by the community as standard or kaedah behave. Therefore, learning is a process in which learners identify and accept satandar standards or norms that are important to individuals and institutions in society. In the process the students entering these values ​​into the system value.

Investment value is the soul holding patterns pendidikan.Oleh therefore education should develop and awaken students to the values ​​of truth, honesty, virtue, wisdom and compassion as universal values ​​shared by all religions. Education also serves to strengthen the faith and piety sesaui specific religious beliefs. Then any learning done should always be integrated with value above subject, resulting in students whose personality intact, which can integrate science dominated by values ​​that are believed to overcome permasalahn human and living systems.

Basically the value of education can only be realized or described in a relationship together. Therefore, it is almost impossible to do so without a sense of empathy and respect for others, to everything in the natural and social environment, which is conical in tribute to life. While empathy may not appear without sensitivity to the issues without the barriers of race, ethnicity, religion, class, and more.

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