Design Steps in Learning Theory Elaboration

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Degeng mention that elaborate design is a way to organize learning, ranging from providing content outline of the subject areas taught. After being given the full picture, then the next thing is to sort out the be the subject of detailed parts. The parts that have been separated is then used as a sub-section, then pursed again into sub-chapters or smaller topics. Meanwhile, Reigeluth said that, elaboration theory is an instructional process that begins with an overview of the teaching held these views in general, simple, and basic.

Below mentioned steps in the design of learning materials are summarized elaboration theory of writing Degeng, Merrill and Twitchell:

1. Presentation content outline. The initial process of teaching and learning content presented with a framework, which is a structure that contains parts of the most important fields of study.

2. The first stage of elaboration. In theory elaboration, elaboration of the first phase began with the sort of each part within the framework of existing content, of the most important parts. At the end of each elaboration and concludes with a summary that includes only pensintesis constructs had just taught.

3. Giving a summary and synthesis of internal. This stage is the stage of granting summary, containing brief notions constructs taught in elaboration.

4. Elaboration of the second stage. In the elaboration of the second stage, the students were taken on a level of depth as required by the learning objectives. Elaboration tahapkedua is done as in the elaboration of the first stage (pensintesis concludes with a summary and internal) which is also called as the epitome expended.

5. Giving a summary and synthesis of the external. External synthesis performed as the first stage.

6. Do the stages like the first and second stages, until at a certain depth as specified in the learning objectives.

7. Framework content restated to synthesize the entire contents of the subjects or who have taught epitome terminal.

The order of the steps above should be carried out systematically to the conclusion or making a summary. In the elaboration of this study, there are two summary is a summary of the internal and external. Internal summary is the conclusion of any new material taught. This summary was made after the teacher finished delivering material to students. While external summarize the conclusion of the whole matter that has been taught by the teacher. After a summary of the external finish, then selanjtnya analyzed to see its relevance so that it can be a kesimulan intact. Thus, learning theory elaboration is very important to use in the learning process.

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