Diet Tips for People with Kidney Failure

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Someone who has experienced kidney failure should keep his diet as many foods that can actually aggravate the condition of the disease. Patients with kidney disease can not eat fruits and vegetables at will, with the same number of healthy people.

It should be understood that there are vegetables and fruits that could potentially worsen the health condition of the patient. Therefore, patients with kidney failure have to really know the content of the fruit and vegetables they consume. "Patients with renal failure should reduce the consumption of fruits because most fruit yield of potassium (potassium) high," said the doctor Dian Novita Chandra, M . Nutrition, Department of Nutritional Sciences Staff Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia, told City News recently.

Very high potassium levels (hyperkalemia) can lead to impaired cardiac rhythm. Patients should be able to limit the amount of consumption of fruit each day. For example, apples, kidney patients could only eat half of it. But also keep in mind, if the condition of kidney patients can no longer berkermh, then you should refrain from consumption of fruits and vegetables until smooth urination.

In the meantime, for patients who have not undergone dialysis. recommended for low-protein diet 40-45 grams / day. This of course depends on renal function of patients that can be detected by laboratory tests. If kidney function is less than 15 percent, then the engagement to do dialysis.

Another renal failure in patients who have chronic or chronic long alias. Patients with chronic kidney failure must undergo a strict diet with some purpose which is to regulate fluid and electrolyte balance in the body and to ensure that patients can move like a normal person.
The principle of the diet of patients with chronic renal failure:
Diet or regular soft
As a source of carbohydrates: sugar, jam, syrup, and candy.
Enough energy and low in protein.
As a source of protein, preferably animal protein, such as: milk, beef, meat, and fish. According to the number of people with kidney failure.
As a source of fat, preferably unsaturated fats, with the needs of approximately 25 percent of the total energy required.
For water needs, it is recommended according to the number of 24-hour urine, approximately 500 milliliters with drinks and food.
For the needs of potassium and sodium to the circumstances of the patient.
For calorie needs, about 35 kcal / kg body weight / day.
Limiting salt intake if there is hypertension (high blood pressure) or edema (swelling).
It is also advisable to consume gelatin because in addition to containing energy sources also contain soluble fiber.

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