Early Preparation Facing Selection

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Nowadays, especially in large cities, in the minds of almost every high school kid embedded plans to go to college. There are plans to continue studying in the private sector, there is also a wish to enter the State University. No one wants to continue in the country, but many are planning to study abroad.

There's the fact that we need to look at together, the number of Indonesian students in the year 2011 is estimated at 4.8 million or 18.4% of the total population age 19 s / d 24 years. The Government through the Ministry of Education expects that number to increase in 2014 to 30% in order to increase the number of "intellectuals" and is expected to push the pace of economic and other sectors. Another fact, the BPS at the end of 2010 revealed the highest unemployment rate is dominated by the degree and diploma (11.92% and 12.78% of 8:32 million unemployed in Indonesia). Of the entire workforce, over 50% are those who graduated from primary school. 66.94% of it is informal sector workers, and only 44% are working in the formal sector. In order not to cause confusion, then the picture is not linear and as unrelated to each other's needs in combination in the context of a more modest. That until recently, Indonesia's economy is still dependent on the Primary School graduate workforce that support the country's economic movement. While people who are expected to become Indonesia's economic pillars, namely the degree and diploma still can not fully contribute scientifically acquired during years of study in college because a lot of mismatch between demand with supply, the quantity with quality, between dreams and reality. Dreams are?

When viewed in a variety of media, both print and online, no less-the lack of jobs for flood announcement undergraduate and diploma to offer an interesting position. If the pair, it is possible that the number of undergraduate and diploma candidates for employment in accordance with the number of jobs available. But the reality, as it is in asking the user company, in general, they said that many applicants are on the test, but few meet the criteria, in other words, a lot of that in the selection but very few escaped. The question is, why is that hard? Is it difficult test questions, job criteria are too high, or the quality of job candidates who do not meet the standard?

There have been many theories and explanations regarding HR issues that point to specific factors such as lack of insight, knowledge, skills of the candidates that do not meet the standard criteria related companies. Alternatively, factors mismatch between demand candidates with companies that offer no agreement is reached between the two. The second factor was generally occur at levels that are strategic and not at the level that is still beginner or intermediate. Finally, many degree and diploma who missed work for reasons of incompatibility that while it can not bridge. In this article I would like to invite readers to see and think more deeply, not only blaming the conditions or standards that exist, so that everyone can eventually take control over their own lives.

Dissecting reality
Problems that occur in the workplace, not just the instant matter, but rather the result of a long process. This article focuses on the job-seekers than the job seekers as though after all, the job seekers have the power and control to select and determine their choices.

Ever thought about why we are considered less human but if judging school background turns cool and famous, expensive anyway; either inside or outside the country; want that in small towns, big cities and city districts. There are very good when in the interview, but failed when in psycho. There are already received, but failed on probation. Actually, regardless of the quality and the quality of the school, what factors make someone "different" that is considered worthy to consider?

You are what you do
That question is not easily answered by looking at who we are or he is right now, from the stories, status, and from the words printed in the Curriculum Vitae. In fact many people are stuck because a good CV and the candidates expressed an awesome story. However, when in the next round of selection, the impression that was built in the early desperately looks meetings is not congruent with the actual journey of life and the quality of the real self. The question is, what happened over the past few years to learn and study the extent to which the seriousness of the search for knowledge and experience after graduation if it still has not seen a clear ground or roots.

If pulled far back, and if asked to the candidates, what exactly is the motivation take college? Is because they want to go forward or driven automatically by the family (parents) to go forward, whether that choice is taken up interest in science and expertise, or because the line is faster and offers "convenience" in finding money. In addition, how to manage your time, whether in college more play, socialize and revelers than the proportion of learning and character building through constructive activities consistent.

Why did it become so important, what is the relevance? His relationship is closely related to fundamental questions that arise in each person: What are my ideals? The extent to which I strive to achieve my goal? Since in practice many undergraduate and graduate diploma when interviewed was puzzled questioning his ideals. If the line is drawn back in a linear fashion, the teens were still in high school at this time was often confused when asked what he wanted and what is its future study options. Confusion and ignorance upon yourself this plays an important role in her life in the future, especially when entering the workforce. Because once traced, was the chosen subject is not of interest;, but a secondary consideration (college fast, cool, many of his friends, his city of more cool, relaxed and easy lecture, easy job, great salary) finally beat the true interests.

In the end, college years lived in a flat, even sometimes feel heavy as difficult to find enjoyment in the lecture aspect except hanging out with friends. This happens because there are too afraid to make decisions that may very well alienate ourselves from the common area (common area) or at least supporters. That there if we reluctantly had to fend for themselves on the path to some people, considered to be an idealist. Finally we have to study for college and finish college because they have graduated from college and quickly find work and earn money. This attitude makes us psychologically not have the passion and persistence of high, lacking the fighting spirit and the desire to always seek and produce the best. In our thinking, if we are not serious about finally pass the "so what's the need to bother"; especially if we have a belief that when it's finished college too, do not have to worry about not having a job, because the job will come by itself. But we should not forget, that such a mechanism for us to lose control of my life, because it does not have much choice, and bargaining power because we are not strong qualities that mediocre.

The consequences true choice
Attitude dare choose according to your interests and vocation, will make us more motivated to explore, continue to find answers to curiosity can be more in control of my life. Courage itself is a logical consequence the courage to keep commitments. Dare to choose, dare to be responsible. Bitter-bitter, if the value is not good we realize that we must strive to be better although initially for self-esteem.

The consequences of choosing something that is not a real option, in addition to feeling flat course, we did not expend the energy and motivation that optimal (the best we can do). Even sometimes we are more focused on the activities of non-academic and non-formal education to enrich and intensify our CV later. Actually, it never hurts to be active in organizational activities and social performances. All must have knowledge and experience that can be learned. However, it would be pleasure if we take the courses that fit with our vocation, interests and our curiosity, coupled with campus activities and off-campus actualizing abilities and talents. So is complimentary.

In contrast, if we do not like our choice, but due to "mandatory" lecture, and the important work it over and quickly, then we will seek compensation for the emptiness of life by finding a container that can be answered we need to find a sense of self. The problem is, the container is not sufficiently comprehensive and complex to be able to bring a sense of self intact and realistic. For example, the activities of which there may not be enough to build a sense of pride in achievement and attainment achieved by us or someone because after all, it's generally a collective activity (teamwork) and transient (short term), all work together and not everyone do the whole process from a - z. But later when interviewing, proudly assume it is because of the services or our greatness.

Similarly, recent graduates who are still around, in and out of work and trying to find existence. Often the experience of success in the previous work considered personal credit so that it is also to be considered in demanding compensation and facility size. This is what causes the gap between the CV and the reality, between the images in the show with the ability to seek real and personal readiness. Why does this happen? answer, because there is no strong roots embedded in reality. Whether it's expertise, experience, skills and identity. There is a saying, empty barrel tinny sound, the sound grew louder empty. The more empty ourselves, the more we try to cover it up with things that dazzle the eye.

It all started life choices, what is the motivation to learn, college, school, if only because of necessity and lifestyles, or because for something to strengthen the foundations themselves. If we start the journey of our own lives by denying ourselves, then we must continue to walk in lies and falsehoods that. In falsehood, no roots, that there simply is no shadow illusion, good illusion of success, happiness illusion, the illusion of fame, and so on. What happens if we apply "self-portrait" which is actually an illusion. This is what accounts for the formation of doubt always seek in compensation (covered) in various ways.

This article deliberately designed to be a critical reflection materials for every reader, whether a degree candidate, prospective students, prospective applicants. Do we know what we're going in life, and have we struggled to walk towards our goal which is none other than our call, did we determine what our role on this earth. What is the form of our participation to change people's lives become increasingly better? The questions that will lead us to be vigilant at our option, either choose to listen to the call or choose not to vote even select others, all have consequences. However, choose according to the vocation and true interest, makes us more often and more boldly choosing courses and activities that are beneficial and in line with our goals despite facing a lot of risks, and one day it all became things that differentiate between ourselves and others. The courage to be.

This awareness is to be built before and during their studies in order to study periods or internship, is not passed in vain as a mere obligation or sheer fun. His college career, is a crucial period in shaping the next stage personality and professionalism though not printed in the CV, but seen in the results of the psychological test.

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