Easy Ways to Conserve Battery HP Android

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Easy Ways to Conserve Battery HP Android
Android battery is very wasteful, because the number of applications that work on android, but do not worry there are several ways to save your android battery:

1. Charging

Try the time to charge batrei really in conditions of low and when charging melakukuan try to batrei totally new full pull. This is the most basic and applicable to all kinds of mobile phone

2. Task Manager

Use task manager apps andorid either congenital or third party applications such as systempanel which can be downloaded on the android market. Handy task manager to shut down apps that are not needed by the system. Such as games, browsers, or in other applications that are not in your life

3. Toggle Switch

Although these applications are usually congenital android phone, but sometimes there is a do not. It is important to download this aplikais fatherly control (on / off) the data package, Wifi, GPS, Blutooth, tathering very easily, because this application has a special widget that can be placed on the desktop of your favorite android

4. Brightness and Contrast

Adjust your screen brightness as necessary, do not be so bright as long as you can still see it, trap low as possible is recommended to power taha batrei much longer. (By installing a toggle switch, pengauran also very easy to do on the desktop)

5. Stability Network Provider

If you menduku mobile 2G and 3G, simply setting the option '2 G Networks Only '. This is because the quality of the 3G network in Indonesia is still not stable, so the automatic change between 2G to 3G and vice versa will be enough power meguras batrei you. If just a phone, texting, or browsing, 2G is enough

6. Uninstall

Remove programs that are not so important for your android. Applications AtrackDog can facilitate you to notify applications ynag useless and asks you to remove

7. Syncronisasi

Manual settings to disable sync connection on Android gadget
Go to the menu Settings Accounts & Sync Uncheck Back ground data. It is highly recommended to save battery with a direct connection fails the data is automatically synchronized in Google Service

8. Screen timeout

Settinglah screen timeout normally agan. Do not be too fast or too long. Normally adala about 30 seconds - 1 minute

9. Wallpaper

Minimize the use of live wallpapers yan been famous batrei power drain. Use Standrat wallpaper image, bahkana are proposing to use a form of pattern walpaper with dark or grayish

10. Sophistication Android

After getting references from a reliable source, that we should megnubah pattern of view of our windows and nokia minded minded tentanf tips number 2 above, was designed andorid sidh more sophisticated than we imagine. More in the article Should Use Task Manager on Android

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