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Co-education is the education system that gives lessons to boys and perempuuan together in one space, or so-called educational mix. Educational mix or co-educational school has a lot to run this has a considerable impact on the development of achievement both men and women. In a class of boys and girls get along fairly in accordance with the school's code of conduct. Socially visible appear healthy no wishful thinking or fantasy about the opposite sex they are. It showed discipline the students. In this provision there are no losers either male or female. Semuany developed in accordance with the interests and development of each.

And if we look in the Law No.20/3002 on the national education system (Education) of Article 3 states that the national education serves to develop skills and form the character and civilization of a dignified nation in the context of the intellectual life of the nation, aimed at developing students' potentials to become man who is faithful and devoted to God Almighty, noble, healthy, knowledgeable, skilled creative, independent, and become citizens of a democratic and accountable. Viewing education in Indonesia functions mentioned above. Here there is no gender segregation or men with women. All have in common in the world of education. Equality between men and women in education proves that education is open to anyone. A man claimed to be able to accept the presence of women and vice versa. Openness between men and women will omit cynical tones of glorifies male or female. Education or koedukasi mix very well implemented, as between men and women need each other in the development of the brain or nerves.

In the Law number 12 year 1954, Pertnyataan enactment of 1950 Act No. 4 of the Republic of Indonesia Previously On Basics Education and Teaching in Schools For All Indonesia which was set on March 12, 1954. Contained in Chapter XIII of Education mixture and separate education Article 21 paragraph 1 "School and School Teacher Miss Versatility Versatility is the daughter of schools because it is merely accept female students. Conversely there are some parts of the Schools and Technical Carpentry requesting physical strength, so that in general only be met by his boys ". And Paragraph 2 "if in any area most of the parents, because their respective ideologies about something religious, educational require separate, it can be established in the area of ​​schools or classes established exclusively for girls."

Theory Carol Gilligan said: "The way to think women are more emotional, characterized by complex harmed in a mixed school problems men and women (koedukasi)". But according to brain research, the mind can be incorporated in the female brain function due to the limbic system (emotional control) were more active. According to the paradigm of gender equality, the difference is in the field of sexual (sex). However, there are experts who express opinions about brain differences and the implications for women and men (who briefly appears gender bias). From the above presentation we'll take a point where men and women when incorporated into a learning space will overlap with each other.

So we can draw the conclusion that education has become a major factor mixture in improving education for girls. However, the education system or koedukasi mixture flow and there are still some options. Thus the government open to the people for education or koedukasi mixture. And if there is the ban to be split between men and women. So welcome to the school related to separate the specific provisions are acceptable.

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