Educational thinking Syed Ahmad Khan

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In 1859, the energy and thoughts were devoted to improving the lives of the people in the areas of intellectual, political, and economic development through education. This means effective to change the mindset of society. Ahmad khan look backward Muslims in India because they do not keep track of the time. Classical civilization has been lost which then arose a new civilization in the west. The basis of a new civilization in the form of science and technology. This is the main reason for the progress and strength of the west.

According to Ahmad Khan, the only way to change the mindset of the Indian Muslims backwardness is education. With these thoughts arise brilliant ideas is to establish educational institutions and ultimately the institution until the institution (MAOC) continues to grow in 1920 after upgraded to university, with the name of Aligarh Muslim University (Aligarh Muslim University).

Although Ahmad Khan himself educated in a traditional school, but the ideas which that idea patterned modern education, in the form of schools and colleges that teach science without forgetting the religious teachings and institutions lainnuya. So great was the attention Ahmad Khan in education siding so Baljon, a French call it as a reformer of education and the foundation stone of modernism in India.

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