Educational value

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Education is an integral part of life and human life, because education itself is a media personality in building and developing human potential. The understanding of the nature, character and potential in humans is one of the educational efforts in shaping the values ​​of human personality. Value is the integrity of a person's life that will be reflected in the choice: how to dress, choosing friends, social interaction, and how to establish family relationships and his brothers well and how to achieve a high sense of togetherness.

The relationship between the value of the education very closely. Value involved in any act of education, both in choosing and deciding every case to the learning needs. Through the perception of value, educators can evaluate students. Similarly, students can measure the concentration value presented educators in the learning process. Communities can also refer to a number of values ​​(right-wrong, good-bad, beautiful-not beautiful) when they are considering the feasibility of education their children experienced. Educational institutions have a duty to prepare the formation of individuals intelligent and noble.

The fulfillment of these two criteria allows the realization of an ideal social values, which have the spirit of togetherness, to avoid social conflicts, develop self-potential, and use it to achieve inner and outer happiness, and salvation of mankind in general.

The target to be addressed in the educational value is planting noble values ​​into self-learners. A variety of education and teaching methods used in other approaches can be used in the process of education and teaching values ​​education. This is very important, to give variety to the teaching and training process, making it more interesting and not boring.

It shows that the role of education in the formation and cultivation of value to learners determine their lives. Without education, the value is very difficult to find or obtain. Therefore, the function of education is to instill the values ​​of (good) to students, not just a transfer of knowledge just as popular over the years. Knowledge without understanding the value tends to result in conflict, both inter-religious groups, cultures, regions, and between institutions. Conflicts arising lately strongly associated with social, cultural, and religious. According to the speakers, this is due to the weak role of education that instills the value of community and social solidarity in an era of plurality. Therefore mendidikkan shared values ​​is very important to implement, and in doing so need to do some approaches and one such approach that value teaching approach.

There are five approaches which are generally used in educational value, namely: (1) the value investment approach (inculcation approach), (2) the approach of cognitive moral development (cognitive moral development approach), (3) approach to value analysis (values ​​analysis approach), (4) the value clarification approach (values ​​clarification approach), and (5) learning approaches do (action learning approach). However, in this paper only discusses the value teaching approaches (inculcation approach), which is an approach that places emphasis on the cultivation of values ​​in students. Through this approach, the objectives are: (1) the receipt of certain social values ​​by students, and (2) changes in the values ​​of students that do not correspond to the desired values. To support this approach, commonly used methods of pattern, positive and negative reinforcement, simulations, role play, and others.

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