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This time we will discuss about a simple question, but it can indicate the level of prosperity of our country.

"What's the difference with a graduate degree Indonesia Singapore?"

The answer is:
"Bachelor of Indonesia, so college will ask me what ya want to work?"
"But, if the scholar Singapore, so graduating from college asked me what business would you?"

That piece of the story that would not want to, like it or not it becomes a reality mindset of our scholars. Such questions, as strong support from the statistics, which show that the number of entrepreneurs in Indonesia reached 0.2% of the population, which is only 500,000 people, while Singapore has a number of entrepreneurs as much as 5% of the population.

While some countries will have a strong economic foundation, and will meet the initial requirements to become a developed country, if it has a minimum number of employers as much as 2% of the population.

Compare that with our neighbors, Malaysian businessman who has had 3%, Singapore 7%, China 10%, let alone a superpower, the United States, has the highest number of entrepreneurs, ie 12.5% ​​of the population.

Then try our attention, if there is an entrepreneurship seminar or exhibition held in a place, despite being promoted heavily, but usually will have enthusiasm relatively 'cool' from the audience, although not all of the exhibits empty.

But what happens if there is a job fair event, or exhibition opening event job??? Well, without command, without digembar - heralded, participants will surely always booming, overcrowded, fought to apply for jobs.

Yes, indeed the majority of our population, more feel safe and comfortable with aspiring - becoming an employee. So is it wrong? Obviously there is nothing wrong in a choice of life, it is all individual rights that must be respected.

Being a good employee and akhlakul kharimahpun is a noble choice. But when we talk about context, how to increase self-sufficiency in the economy of Indonesia, the promotion of entrepreneurship program is one - the only solution that can address the nation's problems

According to 2011 statistics, the number of unemployed graduates over 2,000,000 people. Just imagine, if 10% of their numbers, as many as 200,000 people became entrepereneur by opening a business, if the average is taken - one average person can open two jobs, then it could open a new 400,000 jobs.

What if more than 10% of graduates become entrepreneurs? Well, the government does not need to bother - bother thinking about the fate of 10 million unemployed in Indonesia.

Therefore, to increase the impact on the state of entrepreneurship in Indonesia, requires the support of many parties, including government, who can do a refresher entreperenurship material in school curriculum from elementary to college, easier access to markets, capital, training, and business assistance.

Then the role of parents is also very important, to provide direction and support to the son - daughter, to become an entrepreneur. Because it is usually the parents who sometimes "blocking" the child's intention to entrepreneurship, they will be more "proud" son - daughter became employees earn a steady income and benefits in the old days.

Yes, so from now on, let us increase the shared ideals - ideals in our lives sublime, than just "want to live in security" to "want to live with the benefit of many people and the environment". Let us support joint entrepreneurship movement for families and our nation, for the sake of the future of a better Indonesia.

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