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After 2-3 months of playing and enjoying the pleasure fondling and nursing a newborn baby, working mothers now have to go back to work. The leave has been completed. Anxiety not to breast feed may be attacked by you. Many women can still breastfeed even now must return to the office. You also can do it, you can give exclusive breastfeeding for your baby. With express and store breastmilk, the mother can still meet the needs of infants on breastmilk even have to get back to the office.

Expressing breast milk

When the mother was at work or not with the baby, the mother's milk dairy abbreviated ASIP can be enjoyed baby. There are 2 ways of milking milk. The first, with a straight flush or a second way using tools breast pump.

Before you begin to blush, to be done in order to milk is not contaminated and could be out a maximum are:
Washing hands to ensure clean hands.
Relax. Find the perfect place to express that woman feel safe and calm.
Compress the breast with warm water. To compress, milk will come out easier.
Perform light massage the breast to stimulate milk out.

Flushed with Hand

Proper technique is necessary if you want flushed by hand. Because if you do wrong, which issued only a little milk and a mother feels pain due to the emphasis on the breast.

Mechanical milking by hand is:
The index finger is placed at the top of the areola and the index finger and middle finger placed s1 cm - 2 cm below the areola. To make it easier and get the maximum Hasik, the right hand is used to express the right breast and left hand to the left breast.
In the No. 1 position, push the breasts to the chest. Do not do kerasa pressure at this stage.
Make a circular motion on the breast clockwise to empty the breast. Repeat this movement several times.
Advantages milk by hand milking

The advantages of milking by hand is more efficient because it does not need to buy a breast pump, to get more results, because the proper way, the mother can leave the milk in the breast with more leverage, and more hygienic, please ensure hand hygiene without sterilized pump equipment.
Shortage of milk by hand milking

The drawback is the need to know and do the milking technique properly so as not to cause injury and pain in the breast.

Flushed with Breast pump
Electric vs. Manual Pump Pump

There are 2 types of breast pumps are used, the electric breast pump and manual breast pump. Breast pump eclectic use batteries or electricity and will make sucking motions when dinyalankan milk. Meanwhile, manual breast pump must be moved by hand in order to work, for example by pressing a lever pump to generate movement suck.

The advantage of the electric pump is automatic removal tool moves so she can be more relaxed while kekuarangannya is require batteries or electricity and are usually a little off.

While the manual pump because it does not require energy from the battery or electricity, the pump can be used anywhere without the need to rely on the power supply. The drawback is more tiring because you have to drive the pump, and if the motion is not constant, the milk produced is not maximal.

Breast pump removable-off into sections making it easier to carry. To use it, you need to assemble the parts. To start the pump, funnel-shaped portion attached to the breast with aroela position in the middle. Then start moving the pump.
Choosing a Good Pump

To flush the pump, no special techniques are required. Things to consider when mother flushed by using a pump is how to select a pump that is not harmful, care and cleanliness of equipment.

Some things to consider when you are going to buy a breast pump is:
Breast pump is made of plastic components. Then, select a pump made of HDPE plastic and BPA free making it safe for babies to drink milk.
Easy to clean
Because it is often used, the pump must be able to be easily cleaned. Choose a pump that can be easily disassembled and shaped tidah complicated and easy to clean. Cleanliness is also important that the results of cow milk remain hygienic.
Suction power
Choose a pump with good suction power but it does not make breast pain. If you can, choose an adjustable pump or pump power hisapnya with gentle suction so that it feels like a massage.
Spare parts are easy to find
Pump consists of several parts. Sometimes, there is a defective part. To anticipate this, you should select a pump that sells spare parts (spare parts) pump unit and widely sold.

Saving ASIP

For mothers who work, save ASIP or Mother's Milk Dairy becomes important because this is what will eat the baby when the mother is not there. Instead, immediately after giving birth, mothers 'save' milk. In this early period, which produced a lot of milk while the baby's needs for milk is still small. Excess milk should not waste. Already milked milk stored in the refrigerator as savings.

The bigger, the baby's needs for milk is increasing. While the mother had reduced production. It's time to use the savings milk so that the baby remains satisfied. Savings are also useful as a backup when the mother has to work or not at home.
Breastmilk storage period
At room temperature can last for 2 hours
In the refrigerator (not frezer) lasted 2-4 days
Frezer frozen in 6 months
How to save the ASIP

In order ASIP remains in a state of fresh and nutritious, must be considered the correct way ASIP storage. ASIP storage correct way is:
Enter the milk has been milked into breast milk in a bottle or a disposable bag. Put it in frezer if it will be stored for a long time.
Milk stored in the refrigerator, do not put in the drawer refrigerator door because this section is not temperature stable.
Do not enter the milk into the container too full. Leave some of the blanks in the container, because the milk will expand when frozen.
Label the bottle or bag of milk that contains a description of the date and time of milking. Note this is useful to know which comes first milk milked.
Use a longer ASI prior to consumption.

Warms ASIP

ASIP stored in the refrigerator can not be directly given to drunk baby, should be warmed before the baby. How warm ASIP should not be heated directly by the stove or microwave.

How warm the ASIP is:
If the milk is stored in the frozen state frezer and, prior to the move is not frezer (chiller room) 24 hours before it will be given to the baby.
ASIP which was derived from the frezer warmed milk entering its container into a bowl of hot water. Let stand for about 15 minutes.
Before it is given to babies, try first whether the milk is hot enough, too hot or less hot. The trick, put milk into the back of his hand. If less heat, milk can dipanskan again or if it's too hot, let it sit at room temperature first.
If you want a practical way, now there is milk and food heating using electricity. Fill tool with a little water, then insert the holder into the ASIP with a heater. Then plug the power and set the temperature (the recommended temperature to scald milk is 70 degrees). The light on the heater will turn on, after the lights go out, ready to be given to the baby milk.

Although milk can be expressed and stored, called ASIP, but still give milk directly to the baby if can. It is that human milk can be produced. Breastfed baby's sucking will stimulate milk production. In addition, breastfeeding will directly strengthen the bond between mother and baby. Exclusive breastfeeding is the best food for your baby.

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