Failure is not lost

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Most people step back when it would start a new business, business result only a discourse throughout his life. The strongest argument once ditakutiadalh loss, no losers in this world, wants profits continuously. Fair and humane one, that man wanted to live in a comfort zone.

And in the life of the world all have no balance, no day no night, no left no right, there is no top down, as well as there are advantages there are also disadvantages.

There may be a continuous pebisnisakan benefit in the course of building his business empire, it was very natural.

In Indonesia many people are looking for a safe zone, to be public servants or private, without the risk-averse entrepreneurs.

When asked businesses, the classic reason is modal.Modal so that only the requirements of the mandatory requirement to entrepreneurship.

There are many people who succeed with minimal capital, and there are also businesses that do not use capital, only energy and thoughts.

Fear of failure and loss that people do not think long to become an entrepreneur.

Did not Thomas Edison failed 9999 times alpha just to create one piece bulb, not Colonel sander failed 1000 times when selling a piece of fried chicken and most of the inventors of the world never fails when it tries their first attempt.

Every success needs a process!

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