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Starting a small business with family example with her husband, children, or relatives can be a unique challenge. On the other hand, it is also very helpful for business confidence and a great way to invite all members of the family to get together for the safety of the next generation.

The main advantage of doing business with the belief that the family is not obtained from businesses that are not family-oriented. Because of the family relationship is trust and family members can work harder and do not require a contract legal and other issues related to employees.

Many examples of family businesses successful people that exist in Indonesia, such as for example family Tahir, the richest man in Indonesia to 13 Forbes.

Tahir has the octopus family business in several sectors joined in Mayapada Group. Tahir who has a fortune of U.S. $ 1.3 billion or around Rp11, 7 trillion to Rp 9,000 per U.S. dollar exchange rate, has had Mayapada Bank, Mayapada Hospital, Mayapada Tower, and Sona Topas Tower.

Regardless of the number of arguments, the family has a tendency to stick together in tough times. This is because each member has a better understanding of the other family members, and have an argument, cooperation, and negative experiences together.

In order for a family business run smoothly and successfully, then please note the following tips:

1. Trying to remain objective in Assessment

Even if there is a positive side of the family relationship of trust, but sometimes difficult to objectively treat our business partners or employees when there is a family relationship. Keep trying as objective as possible in assessing.

2. Money Family and Money Separate Company

Never confuse money and currency corporate family. Create separate accounts for separate accounts.

3. Think about How "Leaving" Business By Adil

If your business is currently running and you are assured that your business will grow the business someday you can pass on to your offspring. Well, start planning now for how you can bequeath the business fairly.

4.Jalin a Good Communication in Families

Ensure that communication is not an obstacle. Hold regular meetings to discuss progress and dissent.

5. Do not Choose Love

If you are currently leading the family business, then you should try to be fair in its treatment of family members, who help your business. Equitable does not mean equal pembagiannnya should, but the division of the business results and delegates the scope of work must be adapted to the interests and talents of each member of the family like a company that is filled by professionals with no family ties.

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