FeedBurner Stats Pro: Feed and Visitor Tracking

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Feedburner is actually also provides a system to carry out monitoring to track visitor statistics, Service, named FeedBurner Stats Pro is also not inferior to the tracking system that we use, even I personally use the service track system is very beneficial because we can make two observations as well as the Feed and Traking traking on the Blog / Site.

Benefits in addition to traking, visitors also diudahkan to subscribe feed per post because the code that put on the blog / site also features several options subscribe to multiple services.

Actually a lot of advantages to offer if we activate this traking system, more details can refer to the description below: 

To view the feed stats and visitor see the picture below: 

How to Enable FeedBurner Stats Pro:

1. Login to Feedburner
2. Click one of the feeds you want dikatifkan
3. In the Analyze tab, and then click FeedBurner Stats Pro
4. Here are some options that we can use, please check any colleagues who would like activated
5. To install the script code traks, choose Get the HTML code to collect stats on your site:
6. If you use Blogger so the choice of staying select Combobox fellow Blogger

7. In the new window, there are two scripts that can be used is for New Bloggers and for Blogger Classic, please copy and paste the code that is in accordance with the version of the co-bloggers use (How to install code on the blog has been explained quite complete)

8. Do not forget to press "Save" to activate FeedBurner Stats Pro

How to add and subtract Subscribers:

1. Sign In Optimize tab, then select FeedFlare
2. Subscribers please select what you want to use

3. Do not Forget to press the "Save"
4. If someone does not want to display the Subscriber's live press deactive

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