Firefox Add-ons Real time Monitor

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Firefox Add-ons Real time Monitor
Besides Google Toolbar, Alexa and RSS Feed Readers you may also need a Firefox Add-ons real time monitor to another to simplify your blogging activities. Below are some Firefox Add-ons option real time monitor which I use.

Feedburner Subscribers

Nearly all facilities use Feedburner Blogger. And to monitor the feed usually we put in the blog feed reader count. To simplify your Reader Feed Count monitor in real time, I suggest you use Feedburner Subscribers.

For business to send and read incoming messages on Twitter I'm very comfortable using TwitterFox

Gmail Notifier

In addition to Yahoo! Messenger and Google Talk to monitor emails and comments coming om regular inbox using add-ons Gmail Notifier

Add-ons that one is not to be missed .. you are using can monitor in real time visitor, I discussed how to use it already full Here

Hopefully Add-ons above can simplify your blogging activities. Happy blogging with My Article.

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