Frogs and Toads

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Toads and frogs are amphibians animals the best known in Indonesia. Children usually love frogs and toads because of the funny, often jumping up and down, never bite and are not dangerous. Only adults who often feel disgust or fear unwarranted to frogs.

Both kinds of animal looks like. Frog was a short, stocky or thin, slightly hunched-backed, four legs and no tail. Toads generally smooth-skinned, moist, with long hind legs. Instead frog or berbintil rough-skinned Kuhl until berbingkul-bingkul nodule, often dry, and the hind legs are short, so most dull jump away. However, these two terms are often interchangeable use.

Frogs and toads breeding system

Toads and frogs begin life as eggs laid its parent in the water, in foam nests, or in other damp places. Several types of mountain frog lay her eggs in the wet moss on the trees. While other types of forest frogs deposit their eggs in male frog back the damp, which will always keep and take to hatch even to a frog kecil.Sekali frog spawn can produce 5000-20000 eggs, depending on the quality of the parent and take as many as three times a year .

The eggs hatch into a frog and toad tadpoles or tadpoles (b. England: Tadpole), who was like a fat fish, breathing with gills and for some time lived in the water. Will slowly grow back foot, which is then followed by the growth of the front legs, tail and turn of the disappearance of the gills with lungs. After a time, these tadpoles will jump to the ground as a small frog or toad.

Toads and frogs mating at certain times, such as when the moon is off or on when approaching rain. At that time the male frogs will beep-sound to call females, from the waters edge or center. Some species, such as the moor frog (Fejervarya limnocharis) and bullfrog closely alias belentung (Kaloula baleata), often form 'singing group', in which some male animals gathered close together and reads bersahut-replication. Loud noise produced by the frog sound sacs located around the neck, which will be used when a large swell.

Fertilization in frogs done outside the body. Male frogs will stick in the back of females and the female armpit hugged from behind. While swimming in the water, the hind legs will massage the male frog belly toad eggs females and stimulate spending. At the same time the male frog will release sperm into the water, so that it can fertilize the eggs released the female.

Habitat and food

Frogs and toads live widespread, especially in the hot tropical air. Colder place, such as on a mountain or in the area be in season four (temperate), the number of types of frogs tend to be less. One is as cold-blooded animals, including frogs, which takes heat from the environment to sustain life and maintain metabolism.

These animals can be found ranging from the jungle, the desert, the edges of rivers and swamps, plantations and rice paddies, to the human settlement environment. Kuhl under, for example, is one type of frog that is often found in the corners of the house or in the yard behind the pot. Tree frogs inhabit the low trees and shrubs, especially around waterways and ponds.

Frog prey on various insects he meets. Toads often found huddled under a street light or garden, capturing insects attracted by the light. Instead, the frog is also preyed upon by various other types of creatures: snakes, lizards, birds such as herons and hawks, mongoose, otters, as well as human consumption.

Frogs defend themselves by jumping away, mucus and toxins from glands in their skin, and some even produce a kind of thick, sticky mucus, so the predators mouth will become embedded and difficult to open.

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