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The graphical display is simple but it is comfortable to use, that's my first impression when trying a new feature of Blogger Stats. Of the many features that have been planted into Blogger, only this time I felt everything was complete. If before I had to log back and forth to Google Analytics, this time it all looks simple because they most important features of Google Analytics are embedded into Blogger Stats feature that we can see directly through the dashboard page. oh yes .. to be able to try out this feature because it is still in the testing phase, the peer can access them through the pages of Blogger In Draft

Let more easily learn all the features, here I try to describe one by one:

1. Blogger Stats Overview

This feature allows us to see the statistics of the number of visits globally. With the statistics display is divided into 4 sections, we as admin of course easy to analyze traffic in real time, view and analyze visitor interest from any visitors to our blog come from. For more specific we can choose the time penanyang available to multiple tabs, can be in days, weeks, months or the total time.

2. Blogger Stats Post

Not need to be explained at length to post statistics, we would have understood the intention of the publishers is, in short we can see right post or article where the most demanding visitors. Well if you want to analyze more observant, post statistics with the greatest value not only because it contains an interesting article or post only published, but also targeting keywords corresponding large berpengarur know :) more kren if our blog specifically for the sale, of course, we could easily mengalisa what goods are most sought buyers :)

3. Blogger Stats Traffic Sources

How do visitors find our blog? kujungan traffic is where everything is recorded and displayed in the form of reports. There are 3 parts that we can anlisa ie, either through Referring URLs, Referring Sites, and Search Keywords.

4. Blogger Audience Stats

It is interesting if we could easily mengalisa from which countries the end we came from, Web Browser and SO whatever is most widely used to display our blog page. Remember the visitor is king, of course we hope to provide the best service to them.

One thing I think something is missing or deliberately not showing, why do bloggers only display statistics for the number of pageviews without showing the number of visitors? or indeed the number of visitor statistics directly into djumlahkan with pageviews. Well who knows ... aja awaited further news ... :)

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