Gmail Manager "Multiple Gmail Accounts"

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It's the most fun of Gmail Manager, where one of the Mozilla Add-ons can help us login to multiple Gmail accounts at once (Multi Gmail Account). In addition to the login process was easier, add-ons are also used to support a new email notification on Gmail custom domain (Google Apps). Unfortunately after I try Addons is not yet support for Firefox 3.0, but runs fine in Firefox v.2 and Flock 1.1.4, but do not worry fellow Eko Priyanto already wrote how Hacking Addons Firefox 3 add-onsnya that can walk on Firefox 3.0.

Gmail Manager "Multiple Gmail Accounts"Yes I have tried it .. Curious want Gmail Manager? immediate download here.

When compared with the Gmail Notifier I wrote before of course Gmail manager is much more powerful in the completeness of features, some of which are: 

1. Manage multiple Gmail accounts 

2. Receive new mail notifications 

3. Support for Gmail hosted accounts 

4. Ability to import / export account preferences 

5. Tooltip with account details and new mail snippets 

6. One-click access for loading your Gmail account 

7. Mailto: links detection 

8. Quick mail compose for Gmail accounts

9. Customizable icon placement in the toolbar / statusbar 

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