Hair Tips Stringing Chain Model

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Hair Tips Stringing Chain Model
Got bored with long hair and a ponytail style or regular parsed? You can try the following chain of hair styles. Suitable for casual events or hang out with friends.

Haircut chain can be applied by you who are beginners in terms of arranging the hair style. The result is cute and a bit messy (messy), but that's what makes the cool hairstyles. Workmanship like lacing process, you certainly can ..

Tips and Tricks:

- If your hair soft and limp, first spray the hair with a little hairspray or foam. It is intended that the board has a dry texture that tutorial work easier.

- Take a little hair on the sides, divided into two, and create patterns like tie (see video).
- Take another little hair in two parts, like a rope belt again.
- Keep going until the hair out at the end, tie with a hair band.
- You will find chain-like pattern on the back hair.
- To be cute, roll the remaining hair and pinned with a bobby pin.
- You can add funny clip hair on the curler.
- Done .. easy is not it? Good luck!

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