How to Care With Massage

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Massage or massage is the way to healing that has many benefits for all the body's organ systems. Massage can affect the organs of the body according to the area to be massaged. The benefits include:

Improving skin function: the blood circulation in the body that increases will help the process to produce the oil glands to produce sweat will be more effective, so it would be a useless substance. Outermost layer of the epidermis that will dissolve the skin condition will be better. Function of the skin as an absorbing power will be increased and the skin becomes smoother.

Dissolve fat: Movement sequencing that are pressing and stomping like squeezing / massaging, tapping, hitting can help dissolve body fat resulting in combustion.

Increasing reflection on pencernaaan: Ordering the stomach by specific movements will further stimulate reflection motion (peristaltic), thus further streamline the digestive system.

Improve the function of muscle tissue: Increased blood circulation can increase nutrient (nutrients) into the muscle tissue so the firmness and elasticity will be more bertahan.Meningkatnya circulation caused by sort of motion will also increase nutrients that can feed on bone cells. Thereby also increase the growth of joint motion.

Improve the function of neural networks: vibrace movement and friction can stimulate the function of nerves throughout the body.

System Lymph Nodes: Injury caused by a blow will cause swelling that goes into the lymph circulation. Massage can clear lymph channels and cure the swelling. If the liquid that makes the swelling is not removed, it will harden so it can pass through the lymph channels. Consequently hardened lumps of fluid will be stuffed into the surrounding tissue: muscle, bone, tendons, ligaments (ligaments) and then formed "sticking" (adhesion).

Bladder System: massage on the back and abdomen will increase kidney activity that encourages disposal of metabolic waste products and reduce the accumulation of fluid.

Reproductive system: The reproductive system is improved. Massage on the abdomen and back can help ease menstrual problems, such as pain, pre-menstrual, menstrual irregularities, and others.

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