How to Cope with smarting eyes and Watery

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Cara Mengatasi Mata Perih dan Berair
Including eye senses essential. Imagine, if your eyes just a little impaired, daily activities would be hampered. Senses that have been given free to us at birth, we care well enough as a sign of gratitude. Do not wait until the soreness, itching and even minus the first novel to be examined and treated.

Sore and watery eyes can be experienced by anyone. Do not underestimate any signs occur in your eyes. If eye irritation, red and watery, many possibilities that could be inferred.

Ideally this should be further physical examination to know the cause. Do not take risky actions, immediately consult your problem to the eye doctor. So far what we suggest is to pay attention to cleanliness of the environment, including cleanliness of your eyes. The following things can be done:

  • Do not rub your eyes with your hands. This can push bacteria deeper inside where it makes the eyes more gatal.Cuci hands thoroughly every time.
  • Keep your towel, do not share life with others, including family members.
  • If it is not really necessary, hindara mascara or eyelash curler.
  • If you can still wear glasses, contact lenses are not recommended. The use of contact lenses can make the retina becomes dry.

So, what can we do to overcome the sore and watery eyes
  • Raw Potato Pieces
  • Slices of raw potato and place it over the eyes. Use cold potato slices so that the eyes can be more relaxed so as to relieve itching and red eyes.
  • Never Too Old in Front of the Computer or Laptop
The eyes will be sensitive if we continue to be in front of the laptop / computer so that it can lead to irritation. If there is watery or itchy eyes, reduce the use of a computer or laptop. If you must use them, do not forget to take a break to make the eyes more relaxed.

Omega 3 Fish Oil

Omega 3 fish oils contain beneficial to address dry eye. Omega 3 works by suppressing the inflammatory reaction that often occurs in this syndrome. According to research in the USA, the consumption of five servings of tuna per week, can reduce the risk of DES in women by 63%. Thus, multiply the consumption of fish. However, if you choose to take Omega 3 supplements, the recommended dose is 500-1000 mg, taken 2-3 times daily.

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