How To Eliminate Coral Teeth

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karang gigi
actually not too difficult. Gigi is one of the important components for us, therefore eliminating tartar mandatory to know the fullest. Caring is better than cure, but if you already have quite a bit of tartar / severe, immediately act before it is too late.

How to remove tartar, you can apply as early as possible to anticipate the bad consequences that can be caused by the presence of tartar that may exist on your teeth. A healthy tooth is the desire of all people. Just imagine if you did not have teeth, hmm not funny if you have to chew hard food only with gums?

You should know also that apparently tartar can lead to tooth loss. Tartar is ranked second only to cavities (caries) in the case resulting in the loss of teeth. So, from now on you should be aware of tartar which might not be aware already lodged in your teeth.

From which we get the reference, mentioned also that tartar can also lead to heart disease. It's a terrible thing is not it? It can be trivial but fatal consequences for us. On this occasion, we will give you some tips on how to remove tartar. 

Here is How To Eliminate Coral Teeth

1. Clove
Did you know that cloves can also be used to clean tartar? The trick is as follows, first of all prepare as many as seven pieces of cloves. after that tumbuklah until halus.Dari the collisions that powdered cloves can be used to scrub tartar. Besides rubbed, turns clove powder can also be used for rinsing.

2. Regular consumption of apples

When you eat an apple without peel the skin, it can help clean your teeth from cavities. In addition you get the benefits of nutritional content, as well as to keep your teeth from plaque. Therefore, from now on diligent eating apples.

3. Toothbrush or brush your teeth properly at least 2 times a day

When you're brushing your teeth, pay attention to your gums. Do not you miss to clean / scrub is also part of your gums. Clean gum lower jaw from the bottom up and the top of the gums by rubbing in the direction of top to bottom.

4. Seeds kawak acid

Apparently kawak tamarind seeds have benefits as cleaner and tartar remover. It's easy. First roaster kawak tamarind seeds, then puree in blender or ditumbuk.Setelah way comminution process is complete, then powder of tamarind seeds kawak before you can use it to brush your teeth now with the help of cotton or a toothbrush.

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