How To Eliminate Mouth Odor Most Practical

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Perhaps there among you who do not know how to eliminate bad breath is the most practical. It can not be denied that the problem of bad breath (Halitosis or bad breath smell) can make or bring mistrust myself for the experience. Usually, people who are talking to you would be "keep your distance" because of the bad breath problem you are experiencing.

If it's bad breath is completely engulf yourself, immediately acted quickly to resolve it. Moreover, in certain months, such as the month of fasting, usually the problem of bad breath will be less pronounced for those of you who are fasting. But this problem can appear at any time, not just when you're fasting, regular days were very many people who have the disorder mouth smells it.

On this occasion, we would like to give you some tips that are very easy but very effective to solve the problem of bad breath that may be or are you experienced. We hope to provide several options the best solution to help you in an attempt to break away from the shackles of mouth on this one issue. More please refer from SituSaja

Here are some How To Eliminate Mouth Odor Most Practical most practical:

1. Keep yourself from cigarettes

So great was the number of active smokers in the world, more specifically our country, Indonesia. Though there are obviously so many negative effects caused from smoking. More specifically, is the effect on bad breath. Apparently smoking can reduce the flow of saliva and contributes greatly exacerbates bad breath. Active smokers highly vulnerable to this problem because of his bad habits, namely smoking. So, from now on, stop smoking, and those who did not become a smoker switched on, do not let you know try cigarettes. No smoking = No bad breath.

2. Avoid smelly food

Various types of food presented in this world. Humans only live just mix and cook ingredients and food to be suitable for consumption. There are also those who simply just lived to eat it alone without the need to go through the cooking process. In relation to the bad breath, the food turned out to also have a very important role in the cause of bad breath. More pursed again is the food like durian, onion and garlic, jengkol, petai and others who are known to have a very pungent odor. So from now on avoid or subtract portions eating smelly food to be free from the problem of bad breath.

3. Toothbrush

It is no secret that when brushing teeth / toothbrush is one of the effective ways to be able to prevent and cope with bad breath problems. Do not forget you rub / brush your tongue in order to minimize the occurrence of bad breath. With your diligent and regularly at least twice a day and brushing your tongue, bad breath can be resolved easily. You remember, "cleanliness is half of faith".

4. Gargle

Apparently rinse can be one solution to the maslaah bad breath. Gargling with water / water can make our breath becomes more fresh and stimulating saliva. Food particles left in the mouth will most likely be removed by rinsing this activity. At the present time many villagers have found an anti-bacterial mouthwash. If you are interested in buying, mouthwash can provide extra protection, because it can reduce plaque causing bacteria. That way, it is clear that the rinse to counteract bad breath. From now rajinlah gargling.

5. Eat yogurt

Yogurt that does not taste / yanpa sugar yogurt you can make the choice to solve your bad breath problem. Since the fieldwork according to experts, eating yogurt every day can reduce bad breath, because in addition to yogurt can overcome the bacteria that cause bad breath, it can also reduce the yoghurt gum disease and plaque. From now on try to eat yogurt regularly.

6. Betel leaf

One way to naturally repel bad breath naturally that it seems appropriate to try. How? it is very easy. First you prepare a 4 to 7 pieces of betel leaf. After that boil betel leaves with water (4 cups of water) to a boil. Let stand until cool and the last step is gargle with boiled water betel leaf. Good luck.

7. Maintain gum health

From now on you have to offer the more in keeping your gums healthy if you want to be free from the shackles of bad breath. Because the bacteria that builds up in the bag at the base of the teeth, can cause bad odor.

8. Avoid dry mouth

The mouth is always wet, the possibility of developing bad breath is smaller when compared with dry mouth. Because, the dry mouth, the bacteria that causes bad breath can be more quickly developed. So, from now on keep keep your mouth moist.

9. Chewing gum

Related to how to make the mouth moist above, you can try sugarless gum. With you chew gum, natural production of saliva in your mouth will increase. That way, your mouth will be moist and free from bad breath. And did you know that chewing gum apparently is a defense mechanism terhadapa mouth plaque acids.

10. Carrots, celery and apples

Eat vegetables and fruits is the third in an attempt to eliminate your bad breath. To make things easier, you can create chapters of the third ingredient is fruit and vegetables. Actually, almost all fruits and vegetables are high in fiber, has efficacy in preventing and eliminating bad breath. Good luck this way.

11. Eat foods that contain vitamin C is high

Associated with bad breath, foods with high levels of vitamin C, such as orange, strawberry, melon and others it could be one solution to counteract the bacteria that cause bad breath. And related to the health of the gums above, fruits or foods that have a high content of vitamin C may be an option to keep your gums healthy. With healthy gums, bad breath can be minimized or even eliminated. so, multiply / rutinlah consume fruits and foods high in vitamin C is high.

12. Check to the dentist

Obligatory. At least 6 months. Your dentist will be able to more deeply analyze the real cause of your bad breath and can provide the best solution if the above methods do not also show the maximum results. Because, you know that it turns out bad breath can be an indication of other diseases. For example, is a disease: sinus infections, postnasal drip from allergies, lung infections, diabetes, and kidney or liver disease. So, from now on, be diligent / rutinlah see a dentist.

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