How to Improve Employee Performance and Factors Affecting

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How to Improve Employee Performance and Factors Affecting? before we know first Understanding Performance: The performance of an employee is an individual, because each employee has a different ability levels - different in her task. Party of management can measure the employee for their work based on the performance of each - each employee. Performance is an action, not an event. Performance of the action itself consists of many components and is not a result that can be seen at the time as well. Basically the performance is something that is individualized, as each employee has a different ability levels in her task. Performance depends on a combination of ability, effort, and opportunity gained. This means that performance is the result of employees working for a certain period of time and emphasis on the work of the employees completed within a specific time period. (Timpe, 1993, p. 3).

Performance is defined as the record of outcomes produced on a specified job function or activity during a specified time period. Performance on the job as a whole would be equal to the sum (or average) of performace on the critical or essential job functions. The functions have to do with the work roomates is performed and not with the characteristic of the person performing. (Williams, 1998, p. 75).

Based on the information above can also be interpreted that the performance is as a whole the results produced on job function or a special activity during the special period. The overall performance on the job is equal to the sum or average - the average performance of the essential job functions. Functions associated with the work will be done and not done with individual performance characteristics. Opinions are supported by a statement from Sunarto (2003), namely:

High performance can be achieved because of confidence (trust) reciprocal high among members - members means the members trust the integrity, characteristics, and capabilities of each of the other members. To achieve high performance takes a long time to build, requires trust, and demands careful attention from management.

Factors - Factors Affecting Performance
According Timpe (1993) factors - factors that affect performance, namely (p.33):
1. Good performance is influenced by two factors:
a. Internal (private)
-Work hard
b. External (environmental)
-Work easily
-Good luck
-Help from co -
-A good leader

2. Performance ugly influenced two factors:
a. Internal (private)
-Efforts slightly
b. External (environmental)
-Work hard
-Bad luck
-Co - workers are not productive
-Leaders who are not sympathetic

How - How to Improve Performance
According to a statement by Timpe (1993) way - a way to improve performance, among others (p. 37):
1. Diagnosis
A useful diagnosis can be done informally by individuals who are interested in improving their ability to evaluate and improve performance. Techniques - techniques: reflection, observing performance, listen to comments - the comments of others about why things happen, re-evaluate the basis - the basis of past decisions, and take notes or keep a daily record of the work that could help expand the search manager cause - the cause of the performance.
2. Training
Having identified and understood attributional style, training can help management that knowledge is used appropriately.
3. Action
There are no training programs and can achieve results without the urge to use it fully. Causal attribution analysis should be done routinely as part of the stage - the stage of formal performance appraisals.

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